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* FoeYay: Levasseur, are you proposing marriage or a criminal partnership there? Every scene they share is basically dripping with homoeroticism. The swordfight makes you wonder whether they couldn't have solved their differences in a more... sensual manner.
20th Feb '12 9:28:32 AM Catbert
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* AcceptableNationalityTargets: The [[UsefulNotes/{{Spain}} Spanish]], particularly in Sabatini's original novel. This may well be because Sabatini was a naturalized British subject, and the British have long kept alive the "black legend" of Spain as an imperialistic Roman Catholic juggernaut sweeping over Europe and threatening England, as in the episode of the Spanish Armada.
** Which is hilarious as Sabatini is less than charitable towards English Protestants in his other works (most notably ''The Tavern Knight'').
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