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Virtual Pet Planet is a webcomic parody of on-line virtual pet games. The story revolves around Dee, the pink goat lad from Bright Kingdom (The UK in VPP universe) who recently moved away to Central Station (US) to attend the town's fancy art academy. He soon crosses paths with a cast of characters whose owners are a direct parallel of common archetypes found on many online games.

Can be found here: [[http://virtualpetplanet.blogspot.com/]] and here: [[http://virtualpetplanet.smackjeeves.com/]]
This comic provides examples of:
* ParentalAbandonment : Dee asks about Benny's owner, but the subject is immediately dropped.
* OverEnthusiasticParents: Dee's Owner, Sexymuffin, is the definition of this trope. Even if her "offspring" is purely digital. This can sometimes even overlap into a DotingParent situation.
* DigitalAvatar: All of the owners.
* FunnyAnimal: All of the pets.
* OurFairiesAreDifferent: The Pixie folk in general
* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Nearly all of the pets are a weird unnatural color. Even the main character sports a shocking pink coat!
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