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->''From my thumbs to my wrists I've got marshmallow fists!'' [[http://www.buttercupfestival.com Buttercup Festival]], by David Troupes, is a surreal gag-per-day webcomic featuring small scenes in the life of an unnamed, perpetually cheerful and perpetually black-cloaked protagonist as he wanders through a forest while occasionally chatting with some unseen, off-panel character. In its previous volumes, he meets time travelers, aliens, talking animals !!!Tropes * DadaComics: * DeliberatelyMonochrome * GrimReaper: The protagonist, possibly. ** According to WordOfGod, he was originally designed as a parody of goths. Though he does dress all in black and occasionally say depressing or existential things, the only time he actually says he's a goth is in the very first strip. * InnocentInaccurate: He doesn't know what 'RIP' means. * MinimalistCast: Well, only one consistent character. Counting all the one comic characters, there are... ** LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters * {{Mondegreen}}: Common for the protagonist. * NoNameGiven: To any of the characters. * SceneryPorn * SliceOfLife: Albeit a [[SurrealHumor very strange]] life. ----
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