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[[WMG:In ''Film/ResidentEvilAfterlife'', the Executioner Majini is Movie-Umbrella's Nemesis 2.0]]
The Executioner is never explained in the film, so I came up with this one myself. The Executioner and Nemesis share many characteristics -- Giant T-Virus-Infected [[ImplacableMan Implacable Men]] that don't speak, wield huge weapons, are ignored by Zombies, and were Homegrown by Umbrella. After the Nemesis failed, Umbrella reengineered the Nemesis Project as a GlassCannon, making it faster at the cost of its endurance.
** For bonus points, LJ was the one they mutated into the Executioner.
*** Holy crap. Mind Blown.

[[WMG: Resident Evil Afterlife is a giant rip off from the Resident evil 5 video game.]]
It really didn't bring anything new to the table if you think about it. The new plaga mouths on the dogs, Wesker's plaga mouth that he ate Bennett with as well as the giant axe wielding majini, and that mind control device that goes on women's chest was definetely taken from RE5.
** On the bright side, it means someone involved in that movie's production had actually ''played a Resident Evil game'', which is a damn sight more than you can say for the other three.
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