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Yes, this means [[SoylentGreen The Green Sun is people.]]


Yes, this means [[SoylentGreen [[Film/SoylentGreen The Green Sun is people.]]
8th Feb '17 10:21:57 PM Anddrix
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* Life: Bringing back the dead without the need of a dream self (makes sense when Fef [[CommonMarySueTraits has so many Mary Sue traits as it is]]). She can also heal wounds and revitalize allies.


* Life: Bringing back the dead without the need of a dream self (makes sense when Fef [[CommonMarySueTraits has so many Mary Sue traits as it is]]).is). She can also heal wounds and revitalize allies.
13th Sep '16 5:29:41 AM Stinkoman87
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** Any evidence that we have that the beta kids are the only four to get through the first part of Sburb is pure speculation on Rose's part. There could be dozens of sessions originating from that Earth. Likewise, we know of at least one universe with two different session in it, since the Cherub session started on the same world as the Alpha session. Finally, the Trolls are noted to have a galaxy-spanning empire, conquering several alien species, any of which could have the code to make the game (likewise, those worlds kept on living even after all the trolls died out).
16th Jul '16 3:29:17 AM Anddrix
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*** It probably says something that even a character [[TheyPlottedAPerfectlyGoodWaste specifically designed]] to be a {{Scrappy}} (universally hated) ended up being a BaseBreaker instead.


*** It probably says something that even a character [[TheyPlottedAPerfectlyGoodWaste specifically designed]] to be a {{Scrappy}} (universally hated) ended up being a BaseBreaker BaseBreakingCharacter instead.
27th May '16 11:37:33 AM DustSnitch
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27th May '16 11:03:20 AM DustSnitch
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[[WMG: The Green Sun will be destroyed or taken out of the picture somehow.]]
That flashing rainbow crack in the Furthest Ring is the swath of destruction that Lord English is causing following around the army of troll ghosts, right? It's almost made a complete circle around the Green sun.
* Now it's made a complete circle, with seemingly no ill effects.
** Confirmed - and it is [[spoiler:God Tier Calliope]] who does it.

[[WMG: John will end up fixing the damage Caliborn did to the cartridge.]]
Not only has he been cleaning up artifacts when he encounters them, he has at least twice gone outside the normal bounds of the panel. He has not only become unstuck in time, but unstuck from the bounds of the comic itself.
* Confirmed.

[[WMG: Everyone who died during "[S] Game Over" will end up in Calliope and Jade's dream bubble]]
And this isn't counting the ones who can still potentially be saved by John's paradox powers. Things that may occur from this:
* Jane will go back to normal.
* Jake and Jane will both meet Calliope.
* Dave, Karkat and Kanaya will be filled in as to what's going on and Jade will try to show them her fantrolls (which may either offend or flatter Karkat and/or Kanaya a little).
* Calliope will have a fangasm over meeting ''real'' trolls.
* Gamzee will remember Calliope and suddenly feel placated in her presence.
* They'll all start planning something.
** A further, tear jerker addition to this theory. Though they will stick around for the grand finale and help out, they will not be brought back from the dead. They will repopulate their species and create new worlds for them, but John, Dirk, Roxy and Rose will be the last humans, and Terezi the last troll.
* Jossed. Only Jane joins Calliope and Jade in the dream bubble before John resets the timeline, and both Jade and Jane are from the post-reset timeline, so never actually died.

[[WMG: Trickster Cherubs and the new universe]]
Trickster Mode is unlocked by combining the juju of two vacillating cherub personalities. Would a trickster cherub be (either logically or by definition) one in which the personalities have resolved into co-dominance or outright merged into one consummate being? Is this the explanation for how Cherubs can have a society despite being asocial cosmic entities dictated by psychological instinct? If this is true, then it means ‘normal’ cherubs live their lives as Aranea explained, but any vacillating pair that manages to cooperate and attain Trickster Mode goes on a different path. They proceed to live in the Zilly continents with all the other trickster cherubs that have “solved all their personal problems”. And this is how there can be cherub culture and mythology, ''which was something only exposited in the trickster arc.''

Jade said she’d deliver the post-scratch Earth to the universe their session creates. Earth is where Calliope and Caliborn were hatched and raised. Therefore, the universe the humans are going to create is the one cherubs exist in. Which means….

The civilization of trickster cherubs seen in the trickster arc will be brought into existence by the protagonists. And the protagonists will live in this world. And they will all become tricksters. The legendary weapons correspond to the eight kids’ strife specibi because they are the rulers presiding over the seven continents. Dirk alone will have nothing to do with this horseshit.

This is how Homestuck will end. The kids cavorting around as the rulers of a planet of living Lil Cals.

* Hahahahaha... '''Jossed'''.
27th May '16 10:55:49 AM DustSnitch
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[[WMG: Spades Slick (Troll session) and Bec Noir (after having his powers toned down from the current god mode) will eventually fuse in a single Noir (or at least join forces)]]
This Fusion!Noir will equip the Troll section ring to his left hand, and the kids ring on his right hand, having powers from both sections.
This ensures the "last boss" to be beatable, but still tougher than previous Kids!Jack, who apparently struggled to be at the same level as Bro. Alternatively, the kids and the trolls will have to team up to defeat the two Jacks, or a fusion of both.
What makes me think they'll fuse? Well, they seem like polar opposites; Bec Noir (with his sprite facing right) has a scar on his right eye (AFAIK it's deep enough to make that eye blind), and doesn't have a left arm, while Slick Noir (with his sprite facing right) doesn't have his left eye and his right arm. In any other comic I would disregard this as a coincidence, but on one so rooted on symbolism as Homestuck, it really strikes to me Hussie is turning them into two halves of a whole.
* Carapaces are not mecha; there's no inclination that they can even "fuse" like this. Moreover, Bec Noir can seemingly only travel between sessions in the Medium, and not to actual universes like where Slick is. Also Troll ring was destroyed.
** Wrong, in that after going into the trolls' session, he attacked Billious Slick, rewatch [S] Cascade, he clearly went down to post apocalyptic Earth to attack the kids' exiles...however, you are correct on the ring bit, in fact this might be why (i've speculated so myself) Doc Scratch told them it was imperative they destroy the ring (so Bec Noir didn't also get the powers of Cthulhu...)...but the carapace bit might also be wrong, in such a way that the first person might be wrong too, in that, spades slick originally lost the OTHER ARM AND EYE, but switched which ones were missing by flipping his sprite...(it was even a plot point), and also they are chess pieces, and the same person...plus a first guardian can do practically anything, which should include absorbing a copy of themselves from an alternate universe...(and Lord English made a felt doll cue ball thing transform...so...)
*** Spades Slick seems to be dead anyways. The absorption thing is still completely ridiculous and has never remotely even been suggested.
*** [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006571 Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.]] And the only reason why it hasn't been suggested is because two alternate universe counterparts haven't met each other yet, usually because said counterparts are dead. Meanwhile, it would barely even register in my top ten most ridiculous things I've encountered in Homestuck...
*** '''Jossed''' - Bec Noir and Spades Slick never meet. The closest we get is Jack English getting Spades Slick - but the two of them are more interested in killing each other.

**The prediction is vague enough to apply with some stretching. Say, in [S] Collide the Beta Kids engage in the final battle in groups of 4 (John, Roxy, Rose, Kanaya), 1 (Jade), and 3 (Dave, Dirk, and Terezi).

[[WMG: The thing killing the Horrorterrors is actually Lord English]]

* He is something from beyond our universe (where the horrorterrors are is the void between universes, so it might be)
* He has power over pretty much everything (which explains how he manages to defeat horrorterrors without a [[Webcomic/ProblemSleuth window]]
* He's already here (Only he's between universes, and he can only act directly in universes where he's already been summoned)
* Doc Scratch says that Lord English's existence is natural and accounted for:
--> But the danger he poses is sanctioned by paradox space. \\
It is a known quantity. His very existence in a universe will mean it will inevitably be torn apart. \\
But there are rules to his entry, and his grim procession through paradox space is rather orderly. The present equilibrium has accounted for him, and will continue to. \\
Jack however is a loose cannon. He will not stop until he destroys everything he encounters.
* The Horrorterrors host the server that contains the ~ATH code that summons him. Seems like a dumb move on their part if he's what's killing them.

[[WMG: The Haunting Refrain is going to be important.]]
I know it's a little obvious, but come on. One of the salamanders even says that the heir will play a secret song to awaken the slumbering one! How could it not be Showtime?
* The song to awaken Typheus was released on one of the music albums. It's not Showtime.

[[WMG: As the Page of Hope, Jake will help Kanaya recover the Matriorb.]]
Since Pages assist people, the Page of Hope's job may be to return hope to those who have lost it. Kanaya, being the victim of a Hopesplosion, sure could use some right now.
* Jane's hat can be alchemized using a recipe that requires a Matriorb, as her fetch modus already showed us. John has already demonstrated that it's possible to reverse alchemize components from objects (like he made the clean poster out of a poster with clown scribbles). And all THEY have to do is have someone with sufficient hacking skills (Alpha Mom) to deduce the code of the Matriorb from the hat's code, and have someone with a sufficiently high level (like let's say a God Tier player) collect enough grist (like the loot dropped by a denizen) to alchemize one. Seems to be a very logical line of thought.
** Why not Alpha Bro?
** No need for all of that. Kanaya implies that she already has the captcha code for it. She just says that the grist cost was [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006256 astronomical]].
*** So perhaps there's a way to just revert the hat into the components used to make it in that recipe?
*** There is: there's that device that Jane own that takes a captchalouge card and boondollars and uses them to make Grist.
** The Condesce asked Roxy to recreate it with her Void powers.

[[WMG: Jake English will become Lord English, hence the connection between their names.]]
There's already connections between the two (skulls, right leg, name), and that seems like the most straightforward explanation. Jake goes evil and starts calling himself "Lord" instead.
* Lord English is only a nickname.
* It's more likely that Jake is in the care of Doc Scratch or Lord English. Jade was in the care of Bec after her grandfather died when she was a baby; if it were to parallel the Beta session, then Jake would be in the care of the First Guardian following his grandmother's death, which could be Doc Scratch or Lord English. It would just as likely explain why Jake has all of the English-related gear. If Scratch raised him, then it is likely Jake only has the name as part of his preparation to serve English. And if English did instead, perhaps he only took the name English because he didn't know of any other to use by the time he got his placronym?
* At this point this is way too obvious to be anything other that a RedHerring.
* [[http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006083 I think Andrew is just trolling us at this point]].
* If anything, it's foreshadowing about ''Jade''. Beta!Jade is currently a combination of Dream Self, God Tier, and First Guardian. And thanks to Intermission 2, we know that First Guardian = Lord English. Jake inherited the computers from his grandma, and English was almost definitely the last name she gave herself when she ran away from the batterwitch (which I think we can infer still happens).
** Uhm... no. Doc Scratch is the host for Lord English, not just any first guardian. (the Cueball is most likely required for a first guardian to become Lord English's host).
*** Given what English looks like, Lil Cal seems to be a more likely prerequisite for hostdom than the Cueball.
*** And remember, Doc Scratch was created using Lil Cal's ghost slime.
*** Chicken, egg. Since Doc Scratch is Lord English's host, and we've never seen him without a host, it's impossible to tell which way that relationship goes. However, there is but one Lord English... though there's no indication that he doesn't have different manifestations in different universes, to correspond to differing cultural concepts of death.
*** A6A6A5 confirms that Lil Cal is the prerequisite.


* It definitely seems each Alpha corresponds to a troll, at least in regard to their aspects. But reincarnation doesn't seem possible given the comic's cosmology.

* '''Jossed'''... Kinda? [[spoiler:Vriska from the timeline where she was killed by Terezi is the one to unleash the Ultimate Weapon, after God Tier Calliope drains the Green Sun into a black hole to reduce Lord English's powers. Said weapon houses the souls of the Beta kids, however.]]


* '''Jossed'''... Kinda? [[spoiler:Vriska from the timeline where she was killed by Terezi is the one to unleash the Ultimate Weapon, after God Tier Calliope drains the Green Sun into a black hole to reduce Lord English's powers. Said weapon houses the souls of the Beta kids, however.]]
And even then, Dave does strike down ''Jack'' English, so close enough?]]


* Act 6 Intermission 4 seems to imply Hussie's house and all the Act Curtains are located on the Post-Scratch Earth.

[[WMG: Her Imperial Condesce will be the FinalBoss.]]
* Well, it's either that and Lord English will be defeated indirectly via a number of time-based glitches and loopholes, or she is the FinalBoss but Lord English will be the [[BiggerBad FINAL Final Boss]].
** Kinda confirmed, kinda Jossed: She plays as one of the final battles in the Alpha Session, along with The Felt, Bec Noir (although PM is fighting him as well) and Jack English and Spades Slick in a three-way fight.

[[WMG: The ending will feature an entire army of doomed-timeline Dream-bubble versions of deceased characters as BigDamnHeroes]]
And, naturally, [[HeroicSacrifice they will truly and permanently die in the process]]. It will be implied that this was the primary purpose of the Dream Bubbles.

[[WMG: Spades Slick will become completely robotic, turning him into Robo-Hussie]]
As the story progresses, Spades Slick has gained more and more prosthetic parts, so it stands to reason that he will become a full-out robot at some point. [[AuthorAvatar Andrew Hussie]] was seen nursing him back to health after an unspecified injury, without any obvious motive. He must secretly be planning to turn Slick into his robot doppelganger.
* Perhaps he had a premonition of his own death at the end of A6I2.
* Note that Hussie was represented by a robot doppelganger in A6I1.
** '''Jossed''' - He is killed off thanks to Dave.

[[WMG: The whole thing is AllJustADream]]
Act 7 will show John, playing in his backyard with several toys strewn about, playing out Homestuck. As he either awakens or stops playing, the last line of the comic will be: "It begins to dawn on you that everything you just did may have been a colossal waste of time."
* '''Jossed'''.

[[WMG: The series wil end when Lil Cal is destroyed by the crowbar.]]
This is why Andrew saved Slick. His role is to destroy the Juju that is more or less the cause of all the misfortune in Homestuck, negating its effects on all timelines and returning all sessions and all players to the way they should have been.
* '''Jossed'''.

[[WMG: The Cherub's session is the Alpha Kids session]]
There are two unused noble elements, leaving room for Calliope to a member of a Land of ____ and Argon and Caliborn room to be a Land of ____ and Radon. (I've chosen that pairing since radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is radioactive, while argon comes from the Greek word from "inactive".)
* Considering that each of the Alphas' lands also involve some form of burial site, here are some possible full names;
** Calliope: Land of Mausoleums and Argon
** Caliborn: Land of Graves and Radon
* Jossed. The Cherubs are in their own session, Caliborn is the only player, and his land has a different name.
27th May '16 10:15:12 AM DustSnitch
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[[WMG: All sixteen characters will somehow reach God Tier.]]
Including all the ones with dead dreamselves and, in Tavros's case, dead realselves. IT WILL HAPPEN SOMEHOW.
* Not to spoil fandom or anything but that is highly unlikely and also impractical.
** Dave Strider is too cool for godtier. This fact is canon it was mentioned that Dave made a better hero of time than Aradia.
* Though Hussie has confirmed on his formspring that Godtier merch will be available for all 16 elements and that they would be revealed through story telling and fan service.
* As of the end of Act 5, all four kids are god-tier - yes, even Dave. The trolls look a lot less likely though...
** Though Gamzee reached them... somehow.
*** Turns out he just made the outfit, and didn't actually ascend.
*** '''Jossed''' , yet kinda confirmed at the same time. All eight kids make the God Tiers, but only Vriska and Aradia do so for the Trolls.
27th May '16 10:13:15 AM DustSnitch
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[[WMG: The "secret weapon" is the Scratch of the cherubim session]]

[[WMG: The kids will '''defeat''' the superpowered, allegedly unbeatable Jack Noir in the end]]
It appears practically impossible at this point, and it would be extremely awesome. Ergo, it has to happen.
Maybe now that Jack has scratched himself into the trolls' session, he'll bring them back with him somehow, and then the kids and the trolls will team up against him in an extremely epic battle. A bit of reinforcement: remember that the third ArcNumber, 10-25, is the sum of the previous two numbers, 4-13 (the kids' number) and 6-12 (the trolls' number). This implies some sort of synthesis between the two sessions.
* Most of Act 5 Act 2 has been devoted to this. It's not easy and actually if done correctly will make him an enormous AnticlimaxBoss.
* At this point Jack is more or less outclassed. If the kids and the trolls really do team up, he'll be facing five God Tiers, one of whom is pretty much omnipotent like him, as well as his own GoodCounterpart who has all of his powers.
** Actually, when you take everything into account, Jack would be facing all four god-teir kids, one of which has first-guardian powers; three or more trolls, powerful from their Sburb session; PM, who also has first-gaurdian powers; plus probably many more characters.
*** Exactly. Meaning that defeating Jack is no longer a huge priority.
* It's possible that Jack will just stay where he is, rampantly destroying things/dueling with PM.
** Main WMG '''Jossed''', but this is confirmed. [[spoiler:PM ends up slicing Jack's arm which houses the ring on off, depowering him of the prototyped power.]]

[[WMG: Lord English [[TimeTravelTenseTrouble is killing/will be killing/has been killing]] the Horrorterrors]]
It's implied that destroying the Herrorterrors is related to stopping the propagation of universes, thereby ensuring that nothing will ever be made again. Lord English is trying to make that happen...and [[GambitRoulette he's manipulated everyone in both sessions to help him do it.]]
* English played the Horrorterrors so maybe.
** [[ShrugOfGod Andrew Hussie]] implied that Skipper Plumbthroat was the kiddy reperesentation of Lord English. Skipper Plumbthroat is known to kill Squiddles. And as Squiddles are the kiddy reperesentation of the Horrorterrors...
** Lord English destroys dream bubbles - Horrorterrors either make or ARE dream bubbles. It's likely that by destroying any opposition to himself, LE is killing off the HT's.

[[WMG: UU is Lord English under a GenderBender.]]
# The older meaning of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uranian Uranian]].
# Jake seems to be the grandson of Jade and Lord English; it was said earlier that if Jade knew English's name, she "[[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=005154 would understand terror no human ever has]]." Between these, it seems likely Jade is the grandson of Jake and some kind of "Lady English."
** This makes no logical sense; we've seen that Jade is the child of Grandpa Harley and Nanna Egbert, who are biologically not related to any other humans.
# Similarly, UU tells Jake that "[[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006081 it may be for the best]]" he never know her name.
# Her computer is marked with the Caduceus, often a symbol of [[Myth/GreekMythology Tiresias]].
# UU, uniquely among the cast, uses English spellings and often "English" turns of phrase, her quirk emphasizing the shibboleth letter U.
* Jossed. She's a troll and has shown no relation to English
** Neither of these things have been firmly established at this point in time. We know that she has grey skin and horns, but we also know that she's a fangirl, so she could be cosplaying. We know absolutely nothing one way or another about her potential relationship with Lord English.
*** She cannot be cosplaying unless she drained all of her blood and then pigmented it! She also has no idea how humans reproduce. She is absolutely a troll.
*** So... '''Jossed'''?
*** Can't be called. While she's clearly not human, there's no indication she cannot be an alternate version of Lord English, who after all has never been directly stated to be the same in every universe.
*** Still unknown but both she and LE appear to be "Cherubs" and there is a possiblity of this being somewhat confirmed since there has been hints that her [[LiteralSplitPersonality "Brother"]], [[MeaningfulName undying]][[AxCrazy umbrage]] is a younger version of Lord English. On the other hand this might just be [[TrollingCreator Hussie]] teasing the fanbase again.
* Sorta-confirmed. Cherubs have two personalities and one body, and the Cali body eventually becomes Lord English, so...

[[WMG: Spades Slick will somehow enter an alternate universe and aid in the eventual defeat of Lord English.]]
How is this possible? simple, Slick owning Die's voodoo doll that lets you enter a timeline where someone is alive or dead is not a thing that stopped being true, and we also know that Snowman does have a pin, this can be used to escape the universe that is being destroyed.
Evidence for this is that in the page where Hussie is going "There are still characters I haven't killed yet!" Spades Slick has a question mark rather than an X, this combined with Die's voodoo doll means he almost certainly is somehow going to be relevant in the future, as I said he will probably want to help defeat Lord English, after all he knows that he needs to utilize glitches in time to hurt him.
* It's damn near impossible to fit the original Midnight Crew intermission into a coherent spot on the timeline.
* Though the fact that Hussie somehow managed to rescue Slick and is in the process of cybernetically repairing him does help increase the possibility of this WMG...
** And now Slick is loose on some planet that seems to be Post-Scratch Earth.
** Jossed. He ends up going after Jack English and gets his head cut off by Dave.

[[WMG: Some random, previously mentioned character will end up being a ???? of Doom for the Alpha Session.]]
Just some candidates: FedoraFreak, UranianUmbra, DaveSprite, CombTitan (FedoraFreak's cousin/guardeeinthebetasession/guardianinthealphasession). DaveSprite is from a doomed timeline, UranianUmbra could easily cause some doom, if it's NOT FedoraFreak, he's doomed to obscurity, and CombTitan would be doomed to nonexistence.
* UU is in her own session, and the Alpha Session's mythology has heavily suggested there are only 8 players. Nothing to suggest otherwise has even been hinted at. Besides there are 4 elements not used in the Alpha Session, and Doom is merely one of them. No need for them to show up.
** The Alpha session's mythology doesn't seem to account for the incoming trolls, only knowing that there will be 8 player ''planets''.
*** It cannot be FedoraFreak, as WordOfGod names him as the Gent of Piss.
27th May '16 9:57:40 AM DustSnitch
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[[WMG: Jade, Jane, and Roxy have been revived sometime before their storybook writing session with Calliope.]]
None of the kids' eyes are blank. Considering Karkat's doomed timeline ghost, who was god-tier and had blank eyes, this either means that at least some of the kids killed in [S] GAME OVER are alive, or their eyes are just being weird for no reason. This could be the result of John's "Unstuck" campaign of timeline manipulation, and like with Davesprite's timeline correction means that a new alpha sequence is being created, and some memories of doomed incarnations are being inherited by the new Alphas.
* Game Over Roxy never died to begin with and Jane's Roxy is implicitly meant to stay dead, doomed timelines don't change the alpha timeline because the alpha already exists and inability to adhere to it is why doomed timelines are doomed in the first place, people who die in doomed timelines don't merge with their alpha counterparts, Jade and Jane are explicitly not from Game Over, and ghosts' eyes don't turn white until they know for certain they're dead so there's no reason to assume they're alive or that they ever died. Nothing you have suggested fits canon in any way.
* Jossed. They were never dead to begin with and thus can't have been revived, unless averting a doomed timeline counts as "revival" (the comic sure doesn't count it).
** Although if the point of the WMG was more the "not dead" part than the "revived" part, confirmed.
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