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6th May '14 9:21:14 AM ZarroTsu
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[[caption-width-right:180:Yeah, something like that.]]

Zarro Tsukei, perfectionist creator extraordinaire. [[BrilliantButLazy When he feels like it.]]

->'''DragonBoots''': "ZarroTsu is like Windows XP. Always working, never actually doing anything."

Zarro Tsukei (Obviously an alias), better known as merely "ZarroTsu", or the abbreviated "ZT", is well known as a [[NintendoHard Sadistic genius]] in the Fraxy community, and rightfully so: whenever, if ever he releases a boss, it is generally something with an over-implied sense of epic, largely because of the [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome music used to depict it.]] This is not to say he is the [[ThatOneBoss best-boss-maker-of-all-time]], but he's pretty close.

Zarro is also known in the [[http://www.srb2.org Sonic Robo Blast 2]] community as largely an IRC lurker, but will gladly put up a good fight in "match" mode, or very well impress small groups with his simplistic, yet beautiful map layouts. That is, [[BrilliantButLazy if he ever got around to mapping on a regular basis.]]

Finally, Zarro runs his own MMORPG, [[http://thelastgate.srb2.org The Last Gate]], using the source code from the little-known, but well loved Astonia 2 source code. While the original owner has gone on to [[http://www.astonia.com bigger and (arguably) better things,]] Zarro uses and continues work on the source code left behind. There are, of course, competing servers using the same code, but Zarro finds their efforts laughable at best, despite the fact that his server's population is surprisingly minuscule.

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