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22nd Aug '10 2:49:37 PM reikoafterglow
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'''@/ReikoAfterglow''', more commonly called '''Reiko''' is a [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds young-ish]] female geek from the United States. "Reiko" is borrowed from an old original character she created. "Afterglow" is lifted from the title of one of Sarah Mclachlan's albums for no particular reason (other than it sounded cool). In RealLife she is called '''Rayna'''.

She joined TVtropes a little under a year ago, though made several edits as an anonymous contributor before then.

Reiko is a fan of:
* ''[[TwentyFour 24]]''
* ''{{Alias}}'' (the very first tv show she got hooked on)
* ''BurnNotice''
* ''{{Castle}}''
* ''DoctorWho''
* ''TheChildrenOfHurin''
* ''{{Firefly}}'' (and ''Serenity'', naturally)
* ''TheLordOfTheRings'' (books and film adaptation)
* ''TheSilmarillion''
* ''StargateAtlantis'' (or, until it really tanked in season three)
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