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11th Sep '11 9:52:10 PM Pichukun
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Originally known as "Pichu".

To start off,this troper is female, though her gender on the internet is often thought to be [[ViewerGenderConfusion male]] until she starts acting remotely feminine. She doesn't mind at all though.

However, this troper prefers her gender to be left [[AmbiguousGender ambiguous]].

She plans to write her first book before she's [[MostWritersAreAdults turns 18]].

She often [[ObfuscatingStupidity acts naive]]. But, mess with her favorite anime/[[AllThereInTheManual video game]], and you will be [[BerserkButton very]] [[BrattyHalfPint sorry]].

This troper takes [[SeriousBusiness serious pride]] in her love with anime and video games. Especially RPG video games.

{{Pichu-kun}} has a mad memory, and thus can not list the tropes she contributed too so far, or in the future.
'''Favorite Anime'''


[[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi When They Cry - Higurashi]]



'''Favorite Video Games Series-es'''


[[HigurashiNoNakuKoroNi When They Cry - Higurashi]]



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