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Hello those who are reading this,my name is LaMario Q. Evans(and yes LaMario is spelled like that) but you can call me LBcrimson or just LB for short.I'm a GentleGiant who enjoys anime,music,youtube,cartoons,mpvies,video games and other pop culture/geekish things.Usually I'm goofy around people i know well and shy around people I don't know well,when situation calls for it (whether it be In RealLife or on the internet I will get super serious displaying intellect I don't usually display on normal ocassions.As far as personal life goes I love to write and hope to oneday all my writings into an AnimatedSeries or comicbook or just a book as long as it gets out.I'm always the BigGuy ot SixthRanger of a FiveManBand given my height and size,I constantly move around alot and love to take down people who I deem douchebags and solve issues,conflicts ans puzzles.Since I'm still in Highschool I oneday wish to becoma as psychologist since I want to help those who need help healing their mind and soul(if you believe in that)I also seem to have a gift for psychoanalyzation,I constatly move so being in different places and situations has given a wide array on grasping different POV's and mindsets.And on top of all this I'm a man of God,a TechnicalPacifist and A pretty nice guy,but can sometimes be a JerkAss if you piss me off enough or if I'm already which I
will apologize for if I get the chance.

Tropes associated with me:

* AngstWhatAngst:I always keep my cool in hard situations which is do to me growing a thick skin woth every life challenge.
* BadassBeard:Usually have this but my mon dosen't aprove of it so I cut it off when I go to the barbershop
* BeliefMakesYouStupid:I have a strong dislike for people with this mindset.
* BerserkButton:Go ahead incade my maral codes I DARE YOU TO.Whoch include but not limited to:Trolling with harsh intent,Being abusive or manipulative to your friends and family,hiting women or children,cheating on the person your in a realtionship with,mindless killing or violence,discrimanation,bashing a character over shiping,hurting my loved ones the list goes on.
* BigScrewedUpFamily:Both sides of my family but my mother's side more so.
* BlackBestFriend:I;m this to friend who are white
* CloudCucKooLander:I'm very ecentric it kinda throws other people off though
* CharacterDevelopment:I have this closest RealLife example of this since I went from an super sensative shy little kid to a somewhat shy,goofy,kind,emotionally and mentally sound young man.
CelibateHero:I want a girlfriend but I'm usually to shy to ask one out,or I usually think they'll reject me (ecspecially if I'm friends with Said Girl) but of I did have one I wouldn't have sex with her since I'm Christian and all.
* ChivalrousPervert:I like girls but I;m still a gentleman
* DarkAndTroubledPast
* DeadPanSnarker:At times
* DeathGlare:Can give a killer one of these
* Determinator:Trust me if I'm motivated enough and if the right buttond are pushed all become this
* FatterThanASpeedingBullet:I;m not VERY fat but I'm pretty tall and large but I move pretty damn fast when I'm motivated
* DisappearedDad:And he allways reapears
* DudeNotFunny:I hate this
* FaceHeelTurn:Have done this at times but I always turn back
* FoeYay:Only if said foe is female
* FriendToAllChildren:Babies and kids are quite taken with me which is why ots such a BerserkButton for me of you hurt them
* GeneratorXerox:Of my pops.
* HiddenDepths:VERY hidden
* HoYay:Not gay but it still happens
* GenreSavvy:Very I don't really aply it to RealLife alot because of its usual unpredictability but when I do it almost always works I also apply this when watching shows.
* GentleGiant
* HopelessSuitor:I can never catch a break in the romance department
* IJustWantToBeSpecial:Since I was younger.Took me awhile to realse that I was
* IronWoobie:Like I said I don't crack under pressure
* JerkAss:When I'm angry or frustrated or upset I usually apolodize later
* LamarckWasRight:I get most of my skills from my father
* MagnificentBastard:Wants to be this and sometimes I suceed
* NiceGuy:Some people wonder how I put up with other people's Bs so easily or why I'm so nice
* ObfuscatingStupidity:Not on purpose but I'm lax until I need to be smart
* PermaStubble:whe my BadassBeard isn't there.
* PowerFist:I own boxing gloves
* ScarfOfAssKicking:When it's cold
* ScaryBlackMan:to some but its usually Subverted do to always smileing which ISN'T a StepfordSmile
* SuperPoweredEvilSide:Please don't get me mad.Because I will not stop to check if your ok once I get to a certain level of pissed off
* SixthRanger:Sometimes
* SuperSenses:Excellent hearing
* TheBigGuy:Kinda stuck in the role I've only been TheHero and TheLancer once
* TheEmpath:Very empathic
* ThePowerOfFriendShip:I'm not a freak about it but I still believe in it.
* Troperiffic:Are you still reading this?
* TheWoobie:I've gone through alot of crap but I never break from it except on one onassion which has prpba;y left me scared for life but even in that I stayed strong
* Wouldn'tHitAGirl/WouldHitAGirl:Putting hands on wome IS NOT cool as I discovered growing up,now I only do it if my and a female friend is jokeing around or if its a life or death situation.
* YoungerThanTheyLook:I'm 15 as of right now but look like I'm 20.
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