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* [[spoiler:Yellow's death]]. It didn't help that [[spoiler:Red was so traumatized by the event that he became a sobbing, drunken wreck]].
* [[spoiler:Dix's death]]. Made all the more heartwrenching that he was a minor character who just earned his MauveShirt status and spent his final moments desperately trying to run away to safety.
* [[spoiler:Steve's death]]. Like [[spoiler:Dix]], he was starting to get some CharacterDevelopment when he's abruptly killed off--and right in front of his best friend [[spoiler:Green]] too...
* The last two lines in Chaper 52, [[HeroicSacrifice which turned out to come true]]:
--> '''Henson''': [[spoiler:"We're not getting out of here alive, are we?"]]
--> '''Larry''': [[spoiler:"No."]]
* After [[spoiler:Eddard's village is burned down (and his mom is presumable killed)]], Eddard kills one of Trowzer's soldiers out of a fit of rage. Moments later, [[BreakTheCutie he finally breaks down sobbing and realizes how much he's lost]].
* Eddard giving Hooktail a caustic TheReasonYouSuckSpeech. [[BreakTheHaughty Even if she did deserve it]], Hooktail is clearly hurt by the Yoshi's words, and she has to force herself not to shed any tears.
* Chapter 54. ''ALL OF IT.''
** The first part has [[spoiler:Bosley ''and'' Ned getting executed by Marcus in front of Kooper, Geno, and a bunch of other Yoshi rebels. Their deaths were so shocking that everyone (Kooper especially) went into a HeroicBSOD.]]
** The second part has [[spoiler:Larry dying minutes after Junior, Roy, and Wendy find his mutilated body. Junior and Wendy break down crying, but Roy tries to hold his tears back and go after Trowzer. But after Wendy and Junior stop him, Roy collapses to the floor and begins to cry alongside his siblings. It should be noted that up until this happened, all three of them hadn't shed a single tear, even when Iggy died]].
* [[spoiler:Bowser's FamousLastWords is downright pitiful.]]
--> [[spoiler:"I was supposed to be the villain..."]]
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