History TearJerker / BetrayalAtKrondor

22nd Nov '11 3:39:32 PM Divra
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* Gorath's final fate. He sacrifices his life to save the world, but fails to save his own people, who, without the BigBad to guide them fall back into savagery. Also, the way he died means that the true extent of his sacrifice will never be known to more than a dozen people.
23rd Feb '11 10:44:03 AM Hekateras
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* BetrayalAtKrondor [[spoiler:centers on the story of Gorath, a moredhel (dark elf) clan chieftain who has lost or sacrificed everything he had without a word of complaint while trying to do the right thing. Finally, at the end, when the problem is finally being finished once and for all, it's him who gets killed and has his life thrown away so wastefully, and in a heart-wrenching KillUsBoth moment at the hand of the very human he has befriended against all odds, no less. When, if he had survived, he would have been free to Return to Elvandar to spend the rest of his days in peace and tranquility with the elves - or return to try to put the pieces of his clan and his people back together, as one of the few moredhel leaders with a lick of common sense and the wish to make them into something more than savages.]]

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