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** Generally assume that a character named "Maudling" is one of these against Reginald Maudling, an MP who was embroiled in financial scandals. The Pythons make frequent mockery of him, though one sketch used him as a springboard to make [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98oeOocy2yI&t=23m54s a tremendous slam]] against MargaretThatcher (years before she became Prime Minister or even leader of her party).


** Generally assume that a character named "Maudling" is one of these against Reginald Maudling, an MP who was embroiled in financial scandals. The Pythons make frequent mockery of him, though one sketch used him as a springboard to make [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98oeOocy2yI&t=23m54s a tremendous slam]] against MargaretThatcher UsefulNotes/MargaretThatcher (years before she became Prime Minister or even leader of her party).
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* AccidentalMisnaming: Raymond Luxury-Yacht, pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove". And Mrs. Crump (''Pinnett!'') in the Gas Cooker Sketch.

* {{Blackmail}}: The eponymous gameshow in the eponymous sketch. Compromising footage of people has been obtained by the producers, the footage covering the whole gamut of embarrassment potential from evidence of homosexuality to evidence of multiple child sex offences. If the subject doesn't pay a significant amount of money, relevant parties such as spouses and the police will be informed.
-->"That's £3000 for us not to reveal your name, [[NoodleImplements the names of the three other people involved, the youth organisation to which they belonged, and the shop where you bought the equipment.]]"

* {{Calvinball}}: The game show ''It's a Living'': "The rules are very simple: each week we get a large fee; at the end of that week we get another large fee; if there's been no interruption at the end of the year we get a repeat fee which can be added on for tax purposes to the previous year or the following year if there's no new series."

* EpicFail: In the "Election Night Special", Kevin Phillips-[[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud Bong]] of the Slightly Silly Party doesn't receive a single vote, or '''Pathetic Defeat'''.

* FictionalPoliticalParty: In the "Election Night Special" sketch, covering the 1970 UK General Election, all elections are mainly contested by two parties, the Sensible Party and the Silly Party; the Slightly Silly Party and Very Silly Party both vouch candidates in a few districts as well.

* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: "No, it's ''spelt'' 'Raymond Luxury-Yacht', but it's pronounced 'Throat-Warbler Mangrove'."

* ItsBeenDone: Mr L F Dibley is a director who keeps making films that other people have already done (''If'', ''2001: A Space Odyssey'', ''Rear Window''); he claims that they are ripping him off, and that those high budget movies were "rushed out" while his were still at the chemist's (i.e. being developed).

* MistakenForGay: One sketch occurred at a wedding chapel, where a rather confused clerk kept misinterpreting his patrons' desires to get married; it ended with five men getting married to each other.

* MoodSwinger: The butcher who alternates between insulting and polite with each line.

* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Raymond Luxury-Yacht insists that his name is spelled "Luxury-Yacht", but pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove".

* TheTopicOfCancer: In an animated segment a prince sees a black spot on his face, but ignores it. Then he dies of cancer. Bowlderised in later episodes to gangrene, much to Graham Chapman's disgust.

* VideoInsideFilmOutside: "Good Lord, I'm on film!"
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* AndStarring: "The Buzz Aldrin Show" has a fake credits sequence for a detective feature called "The Bishop" that includes "AND INTRODUCING F. B. GRIMSBY URQHART-WRIGHT AS THE VOICE OF GOD".

* BadassPreacher: "The Bishop". (Well, he ''tries'' to be one, anyway.)

* CheatingWithTheMilkman: Played straight with Wombat Harness, the man who reads people's poets, and a woman who wants him to take her where "eternity knows no bounds".

* {{Gasshole}}: During the "Chemist Sketch", he asks which of his customer's "got wind". A man sitting off in the corner raises his hand.

* ImpossibleInsurance: The "[[http://www.ibras.dk/montypython/episode17.htm#3 Motor Insurance Sketch]]" is all about this.

* InformedObscenity: After a sketch filled with naughty words, Michael Palin appears to show us a list of words that will not be tolerated on the program. After a list of (decidedly British) dirty words, the word "Semprini" appears. A woman then comes on screen and says, "Semprini?" prompting Michael to throw her out.

* ModelPlanning: In "The Architect Sketch".

* PunctuatedForEmphasis: The animated Gumby in the Buzz Aldrin Show: '''''"I! HOPE! YOU'RE! EN! JOY! ING! THIS!"'''''

* RippedFromTheHeadlines: The second half of the Architect Sketch, in which the model of proposed block of flats collapses and catches fire, is a reference to the then-recent controversy around the partial collapse of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronan_Point Ronan Point]]. Of course, the show promptly [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] this with the word "SATIRE" flashing on screen in huge green letters.

* ThisIsWhatTheBuildingWillLookLike: The architect sketch.

* UseYourHead: In "The Bishop" sketch. The villain's door is locked, so the Bishop's assistants pick up one of their number and use him as a battering ram.

* WalkThisWay: The (Less Naughty) Chemist Sketch:
-->'''Man:''' Good morning. I'd like some aftershave, please.\\
'''Chemist:''' Ah, certainly. Walk this way, please.\\
'''Man:''' If I could walk that way I wouldn't need aftershave.\\
''(policeman bursts in and arrests him)''
30th Apr '17 5:13:36 PM Mullon
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* ArtisticLicenseMedicine: Lampshaded after the "Psychiatrist Milkman" sketch, when one character complains about the preceding portrayal of psychiatry.

* ComplainingAboutComplaining: the ''Déjà Vu'' episode got tied up with people complaining, then someone complained about another person's complaint, and then someone else complained about [[HypocriticalHumor people complaining about people who complain]], and insists that something should be done about it. [[DropTheCow Cue the 16-ton weight]].

* DejaVu: A sketch involves a show exploring the concept of deja vu. Suddenly the sketch starts over, and by [[RuleOfThree the third time it happens]] the commentator starts to notice something is wrong.

* GroundhogDayLoop: the presenter on "It's the Mind" goes through this when discussing the phenomenon of deja vu.

* JustPlaneWrong: As the BALPA spokesman points out. Except for the plane door that opens without any decompression or anything. Then there's the whole "landing on hay bales" thing.

* MistakenForProfound: The Ewan [=MacTeagle=] sketch. A poor man writes letters begging for money, which are played up as brilliant poetry.
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** Averted when the Crown Prosecutor begins questioning:
--> ''Crown Prosecutor'': Are you Erik Njorl, son of Frothgar-
--> ''Judge'': Get on with it!
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* AcronymAndAbbreviationOverload: Gentlemen, our MP saw the PM this AM, and the PM wants more LSD from the PIB by tomorrow AM or PM at the latest. I told the PM's PPS that AM was NBG so tomorrow PM it is for the PM nem. con. [[note]]Gentlemen, our ''Member of Parliament'' saw the ''Prime Minister'' this ''morning'', and the ''Prime Minister'' wants more ''money (£sd refers to the old British monetary system)'' from the ''Projected Inventory Balance'' by tomorrow ''morning'' or ''afternoon'' at the latest. I told the ''Prime Minister's Parliamentary Private Secretary'' that ''morning'' was ''no bloody good'' so tomorrow ''afternoon'' it is for the ''Prime Minister nemine contradicente'' (Latin meaning "if no one here disagrees").[[/note]]

* ComedyAsAWeapon: The LondonGangster Doug Piranha would use sarcasm, bathos, puns, and other techniques to terrify his enemies.

* CutHisHeartOutWithASpoon: The Piranha Brothers tended to nail peoples' heads to the floor, or a coffee table.
** Well, Dinsdale did, anyway. Doug used...sarcasm.

* DisorganizedOutlineSpeech: "Our two weapons are fear and surprise and a ruthless efficiency..."

* TheDreaded: The Piranha Brothers were feared gangsters, but Doug Piranha took the cake. Even Dinsdale Piranha, a man who strapped people to tanks and nailed their heads to the floor, was frightened of him.
-->'''Luigi Vercotti''' ''[terrified]'': I've seen grown men pull their own heads off rather than see Doug.

* EnfantTerrible: The Piranha Brothers were notorious, even in their youth; here's a neighbor's description.
-->'''Mrs. April Simnel:''' I remember Doug was very keen on boxing, 'til he learned to walk, then he took up putting the [[GroinAttack boot in the groin]].

* FailedAttemptAtDrama: The Spanish Inquisition.

* GovernmentAgencyOfFiction: The Ministry of Silly Walks

* HangingJudge: A judge trying another judge says that he'll follow other judges by emigrating to South Africa, where he can "get some decent sentencing done," unlike in England, where the hardest punishment allowed is life imprisonment:
-->"It's hardly worth coming in in the morning. Now, South Africa? You've got your cat of nine tails, you've got four death sentences a week, you've got cheap drinks, slave labour and a booming stock market. I'm off, I tell you. Yes, I'm up to here with probation and bleeding psychiatric reports. That's it, I'm off. That's it. Right. But I'm going to have one final fling before I leave, so I sentence you to be burnt at the stake."

* HesGotLegs: Ministry of Silly Walks (possibly) unintentionally does a lot to emphasize Creator/JohnCleese's long slender dextrous legs.

* LaughablyEvil: Despite all the sting chords and maniacal cackling, the Spanish Inquisition can't even get their lines straight, let alone intimidate anyone.

* LondonGangster: The Piranha brothers (a ShoutOut to the RealLife Kray twins). [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygg2KlicnOQ&t=5m5s Not that anyone has anything bad to say about them.]] (start at 05:05)

* LosingYourHead: Graham Chapman once had his head cut off for use in a piece of animation.

* MinionWithAnFInEvil: Cardinal Ximinez, head of the Spanish Inquisition, is ''not'' helped in his quest for legitimacy by subordinates Cardinal Biggles and Cardinal Fang.

* NinjaProp: A woman is being interviewed about a gangster, the woman is played by a man in drag. Women being played by men is common enough on the show that the audience would just think of this as the case here... right up until he says "... and what's more, he knew how to treat a female impersonator."
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The Piranha Brothers bear a striking resemblance to the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kray_twins Kray Twins]], even down to Dinsdale's "warm interest" in [[DepravedHomosexual "Boys' Clubs, Sailors' Homes, Choristers' Associations, Scouting Jamborees and of course the Household Cavalry"]]. Their police nemesis Harry "Snapper" Organs resembles the Kray's nemesis, Detective Superintendent Leonard "Nipper" Read, in name only.

* NonverbalMiscommunication: One sketch had a courtroom where the participants communicated using Charades, resulting in a judge misinterpreting a jury's decision as "Not guilcup".

* NotSoImaginaryFriend: Dinsdale Piranha thought he was being followed by a giant hedgehog, whom he referred to as "Spiny Norman"; at the end of the show, a giant hedgehog is lurking around London looking for Dinsdale.

* SiblingsInCrime: The Piranha Brothers, known for policies of protection money, nailing heads to floors, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking sarcasm]].

* TakeOurWordForIt: The {{Punchline}} to the "Jokes and Novelties Salesman" sketch: "Ha, ha, ha, very good. What a good punchline. Pity we missed that. Still, never mind, we can always do it again."
11th Apr '17 9:13:50 AM MisterDrBob2
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* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: Zigzagged in "You're No Fun Anymore."
** A sailor on a ship reacts with the title line when his flogging is through.
** During the board meeting segment of the sketch, Michael Palin's character is an accountant who proclaims his firm has made a total of a shilling in the last fiscal year, and upon further questioning, that five pence of a further sixpence went to taxes, leaving him a penny short. Under pressure, he admits that he embezzeled the penny. John Cleese's character has this reaction: "You naughty person."
4th Apr '17 12:05:00 PM MisterDrBob2
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** The Big Cheese from "Secret Service Dentists" is a pretty straightforward Bond villain parody.

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** To a lesser extent, "Secret Service Dentists" mentions the Big Cheese before he shows up towards the end.
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* [[ISeeThemToo I Hear Them Too]]: Mr. Notlob goes to a psychiatrist because he keeps hearing music (mostly folk songs) everywhere he goes; the psychiatrist starts talking about auditory hallucinations, and is startled when he hears "We're All Going to the Zoo Tomorrow".

* SexSells: The Soho Motors ad has hot women draped over cars, the announcer uses vague language, and at the end it becomes clear its an ad for an escort service disguised as a sexy car ad.
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* EngagementChallenge: In the second of the German episodes, in order to win the hand of Princess Mitzy, her suitors were required by her father to climb to the tallest tower in the castle, armed only with a sword, and throw themselves out the window. Until the Queen pointed out that the region was running out of princes, and forced the king to change it to running down to the shops to get a pack of Rothmans. Then a second prince stole away the engagement by slaying a (wooden) dragon and claiming the StandardHeroReward. At which point the original prince called in his evil witch stepmother to reclaim the engagement, and she cursed everyone in the kingdom to be turned into chickens. Including herself. [[ItMakesSenseInContext At which point the kingdom was raided by chicken prospectors]].
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