History Recap / HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkabanC20TheDementorsKiss

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The trio, Lupin, Sirius, Crookshanks and the unconscious Snape head down the tunnel. Sirius talks with Harry and suggests they should live together once he's exonerated. They exit at the Whomping Willow. Then the moon comes out a full moon. Hermione realises that [[OhCrap he hasn't taken his potion]]. Lupin transforms into a wolf. Sirius turns into a dog, fights Lupin and steers him away from the humans. Pettigrew grabs Lupin's wand and stuns Ron and Crookshanks. Harry disarms Pettigrew, but Pettigrew turns into a rat and escapes.

Harry and Hermione go after Sirius and Lupin. They find Sirius lying by the lake, human again and severely injured. The werewolf is gone. And then, a huge swarm of hundreds of Dementors surround them. Harry casts a Patronus to shield them, but eventually he is too drained and it disappears. A Dementor pulls Harry up and lowers its hood, revealing it is about to give him the Dementor's Kiss. Just in time, a different and much more powerful Patronus appears and drives away the huge swarm of Dementors. Harry gets a fleeting glimpse of the person casting it before he passes out, and it looks "familiar".
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