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Hermione explains that the Ministry hearing was easily swayed by Lucius Malfoy. There's still an appeal. This time, Ron vows to help her. The two reconcile, with Hermione apologising for Scabbers and Ron admitting that he was a bit useless anyway. They see Hagrid a few days later. He's distressed and wonders if his flubbed defence speech caused him to lose the case. They then see Malfoy, who is laughing at seeing Hagrid in tears. In a surprise move, Hermione gives Malfoy an ArmorPiercingSlap.

They go off to a lesson, but Hermione disappears and doesn't turn up to a lesson. When they get back to Gryffindor Tower, they find her there. Harry and Ron can't believe that Hermione could have missed a lesson. It seems even stranger given that she was following them to the lesson only moments before. They go off to Divination, where they start studying gazing into a CrystalBall. Predictably (no pun intended), Trelawney is again predicting Harry's death. Hermione is openly contemptuous. Trelawney tells Hermione that she is too "Mundane" for the subject of Divination. So she walks out of the class. It has been a very odd day for Hermione indeed.

The Gryffindor team prepare hard for the Quidditch final against Slytherin. On the night before the match, Harry sees Crookshanks outside playing with a large dog, and he wonders if he has seen the Grim. They head out to the match; the other two houses are both supporting Gryffindor.

The match kicks off. Harry has instructions to only catch the Snitch if Gryffindor are leading Slytherin by more than 50 points, in order to ensure that they win the overall cup. Gryffindor take an early lead. Slytherin score once, but it's not long before Gryffindor have a 60-point lead. It turns into a rather dirty Quidditch game. After Gryffindor lose and then regaining a sufficiently high lead, Harry catches the Snitch and Gryffindor win both the game and the cup. Huge celebrations ensue.
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