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Harry, Ron and Hermione are still frustrated that they don't know who Nicolas Flamel is. At Quidditch training, Harry is shocked to find out that Snape is refereeing Gryffindor's next match with Hufflepuff. Back at the common room, Neville turns up after having been bullied and jinxed by Malfoy. Harry urges Neville to stand up to Malfoy next time and offers him a Chocolate Frog in consolation. Inside the package he finds the card with Dumbledore. That's where he finds out who Flamel is: the description mentions that Flamel had done alchemy work with Dumbledore.

Hermione runs off to get a book and quickly looks up who Flamel is. He is the only known owner of the Philosopher's Stone, a device which can turn any metal to gold and produce the elixir of life, which extends the life of the drinker. As a result of using it, Flamel is over 600 years old. No wonder then that they could not find any reference to him in books on recent magical discoveries. It would seem unsurprising that someone like Snape might want to steal the Philosopher's Stone.

It turns out that Harry has little to worry about at the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match. Harry catches the snitch only minutes into the game. Neville stands up to Malfoy for the first time and a scuffle breaks out between them and their friends. As the Gryffindors celebrate, Harry sees a hooded figure walking off into the Forbidden Forest. He flies over and overhears Snape and Quirrell talking about the Philosopher's Stone. Snape is threatening Quirrell, asking him if he knows how to get past "that beast of Hagrid's" and demanding he consider where his "loyalties" lie. Quirrell is clearly terrified and claims not to know what Snape is talking about. Harry races off to tell his friends what they heard.
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