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Harry and Hermione are eventually able to tell Ron about Grawp. They did say they wanted to help Hagrid if he was forced to leave, but it seems too dangerous a task to do. Meanwhile, they have something else to deal with: exam time has arrived. The [=OWL=] exams take place over a two-week period. They mostly go well for Harry. He does very well in Defence Against the Dark Arts and quite decently at Potions. Only Divination is an obvious fiasco, but at least he and Ron can look forward to dropping the subject.

In the Wednesday of the second week of exams, the exam students are up at midnight for their Astronomy exam. During the exam, they see Umbridge and a squad of Aurors venturing out to Hagrid's hut. They go in and a fight breaks out with Hagrid. They can't take him out, as their stunning spells bounce off him uselessly. [=McGonagall=], who goes out to investigate, is not so lucky. The Aurors hit her with four simultaneous stunning spells. An enraged Hagrid knocks out the Aurors and flees. Hermione worries they might have done more than just knock [=McGonagall=] out. She explains that giants are hard to stun, which is likely why they couldn't stun Hagrid.

The next day is the day of their final exam: History of Magic. It's the other one that Harry finds difficult. After struggling through the paper, he falls asleep in the exam. He dreams he is Voldemort, walking into the Department of Mysteries, all the way into the room with the glass spheres. In the 97th row, there is Sirius Black, lying on the floor. Voldemort demands Sirius removes something from the shelves. Sirius refuses, so Voldemort tortures him. Voldemort says they will be alone in the department for hours. Harry wakes up, screaming once again.
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