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Mrs Figg reveals she is a Squib, who had watched over Harry while he was growing up with the Dursleys. She escorts Harry and Dudley back to Privet Drive. She is furious with Mundugus Fletcher – Mundungus was guarding Harry under Dumbledore's orders, but he left by disappointing. When Mundungus does appear, Mrs Figg wallops him with a bag of cat food. Harry and Dudley return home.

An argument ensues. The Dursleys believe Harry has done something to Dudley. An owl delivers a message from the Ministry. As Harry feared, he has been caught using magic outside of school. He's about to be expelled from Hogwarts and have his wand confiscated. Then Harry gets a message from Arthur Weasley: Dumbledore's gone out to sort it out. Harry has to stay at Privet Drive, not use magic and not surrender his wand. Seems contradictory, right?

Meanwhile, Harry is left to explain to the Dursleys what has happened. Aunt Petunia seems to know more than she'd rather admit about what dementors are. Another message comes through: the Ministry have retracted their position. Whether he gets expelled or loses his wand will be decided at the Ministry hearing. Another owl arrives, bringing a message from Sirius. To Harry's disappointment, he's not saying much – he's also telling Harry to stay at Privet Drive.

This isn't easy, because Uncle Vernon then orders Harry to leave the house. But a fifth owl arrives delivering a Howler. All it says is “Remember my last, Petunia.” It's enough to convince Petunia that they must keep Harry. With nothing left to do, he heads to bed.
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