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Harry, Ron and Hermione rush to see Hagrid. Hagrid has cuts and bruises over his face and won't explain why. At first, he won't tell them about what caused his absence, either. Hermione deduces that it was something to do with the giants. Hagrid is shocked to hear from Harry that he was attacked by Dementors during the same time period. Hagrid agrees to tell Harry about his summer if Harry tells him about his own.

He travelled with Madame Maxime to visit the world's last colony of giants, somewhere in Eastern Europe. Their aim was to stop the giants from becoming supporters of Voldemort, something that they had done in the past. The giants have been dying out for years, sometimes because they were killed by wizards (whom they hate) but more often due to [[WeAreStrugglingTogether wars with each other]]. Hagrid says they can now only live together for protection, but in practice this was not how they were designed to live.

The journey was slow because Hagrid was not allowed to use magic, and they had to shake off a tail from the Ministry. They arrived at the colony. On the first day, they presented gifts to Karkus, the Gurg (chief) of the colony and tried to talk him on board. It seemed to go well; Karkus seemed friendly to Dumbledore. But that night, there was a fight and Karkus was deposed and killed. The new Gurg, Golgomath, turned out to have been supportive of the Death Eaters, having been courted by one (Macnair) who was also present. His allies tried to attack Hagrid, but they were stopped by Madame Maxime. Hagrid was saved, but this scuppered any hope of recruiting the colony, because they weren't supposed to be using magic against them. Hagrid and Madame Maxime hid in the caves over the next few days, avoiding Macnair and Golgomath's faction and tried to court the minority of giants who were hiding from Golgomath. Although they did find a few giants that were interested, it seems that they were killed or subjugated once Golgomath's faction raided the caves.

Just then, there's a knock at the door. It's Umbridge. The Trio hide themselves (and their mugs) as she comes in. Umbridge is suspicious that Hagrid is up to something, noticing that there were some footprints leading to the door and not away from it. She is curious to know why Hagrid has been away and looks injured, and is not satisfied by the explanations he invents. After Umbridge leaves, the Trio sneak out. Hermione realises that Umbridge will almost certainly want to get rid of Hagrid: she hates part-humans and knows he's close to Dumbledore. She tries to help him out and warns him to stick to the [=OWL=] syllabus and not to bring something too "dangerous", but Hagrid clearly has other ideas.
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