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Harry is left invisible and unable to move in the deserted train. The train starts to pull away, and Harry fears he won't be able to escape until the train returns to London. That moment, however, he is discovered and rescued by Tonks. She noticed that the blinds were drawn on the carriage and suspected he was hiding there using his Invisibility Cloak. They jump off the train and she fixes Harry's nose and escorts him to Hogwarts. At the gates, Snape is waiting to escort Harry the rest of the way. Tonks sends a Patronus message that Harry is safe, and Snape rudely remarks that her Patronus has changed form.

Harry arrives at the start-of-term feast. Dumbledore gives a speech, revealing to those present his injured hand. He announces two staff changes. He welcomes Horace Slughorn, who is here to teach ''potions''. The school are surprised, because that means that Snape will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. Harry is visibly shocked, and wondered why Dumbledore has suddenly stopped refusing Snape his dream job. He finishes with a warning about security. They then head out. The Trio briefly meet Hagrid. As Hagrid walks off, all three of them realise that they have dropped Care of Magical Creatures, and wonder with trepidation how Hagrid will react.
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