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26th Apr '17 2:29:17 PM JohnPrestwick
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[[Recap/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkabanC13GryffindorVersusRavenclaw Harry finds his two best friends once again are not talking to each other]]. On the upside, Ron is no longer the moody character he's been, but Harry has to put up with Lavender being round any time they meet. Harry chats with Hermione in the library. She warns Harry that she has overheard a group of girls, including Romilda Vane, talking about slipping Harry a love potion. She knows that Fred and George have ways of disguising them to smuggle them in. Harry is surprised that they managed to smuggle banned potions into Hogwarts, and wonders if Malfoy could have smuggled in the necklace. Hermione says that unlike a cursed necklace, love potions that are disguised in different bottles could not have been detected by Filch. At that moment, they hear what sounds like an eavesdropper backing away from behind the shelf.

Sure enough, when Harry gets back to the Common Room, Romilda Vane offers Harry some Chocolate Cauldrons. He takes them up to his room without eating any. The next day, the rift between Ron and Hermione only gets worse after they make fun of each other in a lesson, which ends with Hermione leaving in tears. Harry goes after her and finds her with Luna. He asks Luna to come to an end-of-term party with Slughorn. Peeves overhears them and is quick to spread the news around the school. Hermione reveals that she will be going with [=McLaggen=] to Slughorn's party.

Harry and Luna go to Slughorn's party. He finds Hermione, who is now regretting her revenge strategy and trying to hide from the boorish [=McLaggen=]. Meanwhile, Harry has to dodge Snape, who is very interested to find out why Harry has suddenly become so good at potions. Filch arrives bringing Malfoy, who he has caught prowling in the corridors outside and claims he was trying to gatecrash the party. Slughorn tells Malfoy he can come to the party, but Malfoy doesn't seem happy about it. Snape says he wants a word with Malfoy.

Harry dons his Invisibility Cloak and follows them to a deserted classroom. Snape is questioning Malfoy as to whether he was involved with [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrinceC12SilverAndOpels the sending of the necklace]]. Malfoy angrily denies it. Harry notes how Malfoy is strangely unfriendly with Snape, a teacher he has until then got on well with. Snape seems to imply they are on Voldemort's side. He seems he wants to help Malfoy for something, but Malfoy won't accept it or give any information as to what he's up to. Snape chides Malfoy wandering around the castle without back-up. Snape says that he had sworn [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrinceC2SpinnersEnd an Unbreakable Vow]] to help him. Malfoy eventually storms out.
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