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With just two days to go, Harry and Hermione now begin frantically researching how to get past the dragons. A day passes by without any results. On the day before the task, Harry sees Cedric leave the Great Hall at breakfast. He realises that while Maxime and Karkaroff would have told their champions about the dragons, Cedric still doesn't know. He corners Cedric outside the class and tells him about the dragons. Moody overhears them and takes Harry aside, into his office. Moody praises Harry for doing a "decent thing" and asks him if he has a strategy to get past the dragon. He gives Harry two hints: take advantage of his strengths, and use a spell to fetch any equipment he needs.

A plan clicks in Harry's mind: use a Summoning Charm to fetch his Firebolt, then use his flying skills to get past the dragon. Now all he needs to do is to perfect the Summoning Charm. He rushes to Hermione and tells her he needs to work on it. After the end of lessons, he practices Summoning Charms for the rest of the day and well into the night. Only by 2 o'clock in the morning has he fully got the hang of it.

The next day is the day of the task. Lessons stop at midday and Harry goes down to a separate area. Bagman meets with the four nervous champions and they take a draw to decide which dragon they will face and in which order. Harry draws the Hungarian Horntail, which means he will go last. Bagman instructs them that they will have to get past the dragon and fetch the golden egg in its nest. He briefly takes Harry aside and asks him if he needs help, but Harry says he is fine.

Harry sits nervously in a tent while the other champions go out, one by one to face their respective dragon. Harry can only hear the crowd noise and snippets of Bagman's commentary. It appears that the champions are each managing to get the egg, despite some setbacks. Then it's Harry's turn. He steps out into the arena and casts the Summoning Charm. After a tense wait, the Firebolt comes flying in. Harry takes off. Suddenly, the task becomes a lot easier; he is doing what he does best, and dodging the dragon's fire breath feels no harder than dodging a Bludger. At first, the dragon is reluctant to leave the nest, but eventually Harry irks it enough to persuade it to fly after him. Despite being gashed at one point by the dragon's spiky tail, he manages to get to the nest and seize the egg. The crowd cheer, and Bagman announces that Harry was the fastest.

As Madam Pomfrey tends to Harry's injury, Ron and Hermione arrive. Having seen what Harry has had to face, Ron realises that there is no way Harry could have wanted to take part in the tournament. The Trio reconcile. Ron then explains what happened. He reckons Harry was the best, with Krum being second. Krum used a spell that hurt the dragon's eyes. It mostly worked, but his dragon trampled on some of the eggs which cost him points. Cedric created a distraction by turning a rock into a dog, though the dragon turned on him at the last minute. Fleur sent her dragon to sleep, but it breathed fire and burned her skirt.

Harry's scores are given. Apart from the clearly biased Karkaroff, the judges (the headteachers, Bagman and Crouch) give Harry a high score and he ties for first place with Krum. Bagman then explains that the egg contains a clue that will help explain the Second Task, which will take place in three months time.
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