History Recap / HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFireC11AboardTheHogwartsExpress

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Harry wakes up on the morning they prepare to return to Hogwarts. He is surprised to see Amos Diggory's head hovering in the Weasley's fireplace. [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecretsC4AtFlourishAndBlotts We have already seen how wizards can travel be Floo powder.]] It also turns out they can use it to simply look through into another fireplace and communicate a message. Amos reports that there was a disturbance at the house of "Mad-Eye", a man who seems to have a reputation for being ProperlyParanoid. A security measure at his house was set off, causing dustbins to go flying around his house, drawing the attention of Muggle policeman. Arthur rushes off to deal with it. Bill explains that Mad-Eye Moody is a retired Auror (Dark Wizard catcher). In his GloryDays, he was their greatest Auror and caught many Death Eaters, however he made many enemies and now lives in a paranoid retirement.

They travel to King's Cross station and board the Hogwarts Express. It turns out that Percy is not the only person to know about some upcoming 'secret event'; Bill, Charlie and their mother seem to hint that they know about it too. On the train, they overhear Malfoy talking about Durmstrang and how his father considered sending him there. Hermione says it's a school in the far north of Europe with a reputation for tolerating the Dark Arts. Malfoy pays their compartment a visit (it seems to be almost a routine now) and taunts them by telling them he knows about the 'secret event' as well. They arrive at Hogwarts in some torrential rain.
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