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* ControlFreak: Lois goes through excessive demands for the holidays from Peter and the rest of the family, laying it on thick whenever they complain. It seems to be subverted since Lois perseveres when her plans start to go genuinely wrong, [[SanitySlippage then they run out of paper towels...]]
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* SuddenlyShouting: Joe's sensitivity about his disability reaches a fever pitch while the Griffins and the Swansons are visiting and sharing gingerbread cookies.
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'''Original air date''': December 21, 2001

Christmas for the Griffins includes Peter accidentally giving the family presents to charity and Lois going insane.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* BoozeFlamethrower: This is how an enraged Lois reacts to Frosty the Snowman wishing her a merry Christmas.
* ChristmasEpisode: A LighterAndSofter example compared to [[Recap/FamilyGuyS9E7RoadToTheNorthPole the next one]].
* HomemadeSweaterFromHell: Brian gets one from Lois:
-->'''Lois''': Brian, you're not wearing the sweater I made you.
-->'''Brian''': Well, y'know, it's a little warm in here...\\
'''Lois''': Don we now our gay apparel!\\
'''Brian''': (puts on the [very flamboyant] sweater) It doesn't get much gayer than this.
* MisleadingPackageSize: Brian receives a Christmas present shaped like a wine bottle. He removes the wrapping paper to discover a book.
* MrsClaus: She asks Music/{{KISS}} to help save her husband from pterodactyls in ''[[ShowWithinAShow KISS Saves Santa]]''.
* RageBreakingPoint: This is Lois' response to there being no paper towels.
* WaxingLyrical: Lois tells Stewie to behave on Christmas as Santa is watching.
-->'''Stewie''': What the devil do you mean, "watching"?\\
'''Lois''': Well, honey, Santa's making a list and checking it twice.\\
'''Meg''': He sees you when you're sleeping.\\
'''Chris''': And he knows when you're awake. *{{Beat}}* I almost caught him last year. But he's magic!
* YellowSnow: Peter notes that he doesn't want another "lemon snowcone" since the last one didn't taste like lemon at all.
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