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28th Jun '15 4:53:22 PM Prinzenick
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->Great Owl: "Why have you come?"
->Mrs. Brisby:"Please...forgive me for disturbing you, but my sons life is in great danger...(Great Owl eats moth) The plow has come early this year."
->Great Owl: "Move your family."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Yes...I could move...but Timothy has pneumonia. He can't even get out of bed."
->Great Owl: "You must move your place where it'll be safe from the plow."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Please, there must be another way."
->Great Owl: "There is no 'other way'. I must bid you good evening, Mrs..."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Mrs. Brisby."
->Great Owl: "Brisby? Mrs. '''Jonathan''' Brisby?"
->Mrs. Brisby: "Why, yes! He was my husband! But how do you know about him?"
->Great Owl: "That is NOT important. I will say this--his name is not unknown in these woods."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Please...I'll do anything to save Timmy. Anything."
->Great Owl: "There ''is'' a way. Go to the Rats."
->Mrs. Brisby: "But I don't know any rats."
->Great Owl: "In the rose bush."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Oh yes. Near the farm house."
->Great Owl: "Go there. Ask for Nicodemus."
->Mrs. Brisby: "Nicodemus? But how can they help?"
->Great Owl: "They must move your house to the lee of the stone."
->Mrs. Brisby: "No rat could move my house. It's..."
->Great Owl: ''"They have ways."''
->Mrs. Brisby: "I don't understand. But I will do what you say."
->Great Owl: "It is night. I must go. Remember--the lee of the stone."
-->--Mrs. Brisby's meeting with the Great Owl
2nd Nov '14 6:18:47 PM SnowyWolf
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-->''"Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there."
--->-- '''Nicodemus'''
26th Sep '11 10:59:42 AM TastySauce
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---> Mrs. Brisby (reading the inscription on the amulet.)


---> Mrs. Brisby --->-- '''Mrs. Brisby''' (reading the inscription on the amulet.)
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