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---- * Sul-yin from ''Webcomic/KissWood'' was dumped on her uncle by her father when she was a child. There's no mention of him again or of her mother. * Chaehee and Gihuun's parents are both dead in ''Manhwa/AflameInferno''. * In ''Manhwa/FaeriesLanding'' not much is known about Ryang's parents, other than the fact that they both work overseas. Ryang lives with his older brother Hun and his wife, Taeyeong. * In ''Manhwa/HotBloodedWoman'' Aram was an orphan who got adopted by her foster father. * Cho-Ah's parents in ''Manhwa/MagicalJxR'' are in another country. * Jae-min from ''Webcomic/OrangeMarmalade'' claims his was abandoned by his mother for two years but what really happened remains to be seen. * Baam from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' never knew his parents. ----
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