History NightmareFuel / OneHundredBullets

26th Jul '17 6:51:48 PM trixus
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* Jack killing everyone in his hobo den since he was given a hundred bullets when all he needs is one.
31st Jan '17 8:43:59 PM MelancholicMonkey
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* The actions of the original Minutemen. It turns out [[spoiler: they were responsible for the disappearance of the Roanoke Colony in that they slaughtered every man, woman and child in the dead of night. They did this because the British Crown had denied the original Trust their plans for America's future.]] Not only does it show how merciless the Trust and Minutemen can be, it also serves as a terrifying reminder of how influential the Trust is in that they've pulling America's strings long before it was even a nation.
8th Jun '12 6:51:03 AM Willbyr
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Added DiffLines:

* Lono in particular. Everything he does is creepy and if he's looking at you he's probably thinking of a way to kill you. This example also is fully in effect in universe.
* Remi [[spoiler:losing his hands.]]
* Lono nearly dying of poison gas in a sauna.

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