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* NightmareFuel/GetOut2017
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* The [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs rather unique]] 1983 ''Hercules'' movie starring Lou Ferrigno features a low-budget but extremely creepy sequence of a villain's corpse slowly disintegrating into dust, including a trypophobia-inducing stage which looks as if it had no skull. Mind that it's supposedly [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids a kid's movie]].


* The [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs rather unique]] 1983 ''Hercules'' movie film starring Lou Ferrigno features a low-budget but extremely creepy sequence of a villain's corpse slowly disintegrating into dust, including a trypophobia-inducing stage which looks as if it had no skull. Mind Take on account that it's supposedly [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids a kid's movie]].
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* The [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs rather unique]] 1983 ''Hercules'' movie starring Lou Ferrigno features a low-budget but extremely creepy sequence of a villain's corpse slowly disintegrating into dust, including a trypophobia-inducing stage which looks as if it had no skull. Mind that it's supposedly [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids a kid's movie]].
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* NightmareFuel/ACureForWellness
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* ''Film/RobinHoodPrinceOfThieves'': Any scene with the Sheriff and Mortiana as well as the part where Robin returns to his ancestral manor and finds his father's eviscerated carcass.

* The whole [[Main/EarthShatteringKaboom plot]] of Lars Von Trier's ''Film/{{Melancholia}}'' is likely to keep you up all night, but the [[Main/ApocalypseWow opening sequence]] with all those dark images in really, ''really'' slow motion (depicting scenes like a woman in a wedding dress trying to walk while being held back by weeds, a horse falling to the ground, and a desperate mother who's trying to run carrying her son but her feet are sinking through the ground) with rising dramatic music by Creator/RichardWagner creeped the hell out of me!

* ''Film/TheToweringInferno'':
** The people who get scorched on the elevator.
** The deaths of [[spoiler:Lisolette and the people who fell from the buyou.]]

* ''Film/{{Inside}}'' is a French film about a nine month pregnant widow home alone on Christmas Eve with [[ParanoiaFuel a creepy woman standing outside her house]].

* ''Film/KillerKlownsFromOuterSpace'': Includes, but is not limited to: [[spoiler: Man-eating Shadow Puppets, Klowns luring children around, Killer Puppets, and MonsterClown!]]

* ''Film/{{Manhunter}}'': Tom Noonan's performance as the Tooth Fairy has to be one of the most disturbing bits of acting ever committed to film.

* ''Film/{{Nosferatu}}''.
** The titular creature is frightening to see in stills alone.
** Furthermore, the {{Mockumentary}} film, ''Film/ShadowOfTheVampire'' decides that [[BeethovenWasAnAlienSpy Max Shreck, the actor who played]] Count Orlok was a real vampire. To quote [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd Cinemassacre's Monster Madness]], "He may as well be". Brr...

* ''Film/{{Phantasm}}'':
** A scene with that terrifying, irrational "flying ball" with knives sticking out.
** The Tall Man and his "message" to Mike in [[Film/PhantasmII the second movie]].

* Film/PrinceOfDarkness has plenty of moments, including numerous people collapsing into mounds of insects, people being ''devoured'' by said insect, and the [[spoiler: very unnerving "messages" beamed into the characters minds from the future, displaying the return of TheAntichrist]].
** The tense, dream-like, dread-filled atmosphere through most of the movie.

* ''Film/ReAnimator'': [[spoiler:Dr. Hill's reanimated severed head raping Dan's sweet, innocent girlfriend.]] And for some reason the fact that in the final scenes all the reanimated cadavers are stark naked makes it much less {{narm}}y and much more cringe-worthy.

* ''Film/{{Sinister}}'': as the title implies, the movie spews of horror after horror.

* The traps in ''Film/ResidentEvil''. [[spoiler:The lasers that cut off one commando's limbs, decapitate another and finally cut up Colin Salmon into square chunks using a laser grid - milliseconds before they're shut off - after he dodges the first two. The close angle on his eye as he fell apart did not help.]]

* ''Film/TheRuins''. Because not only do you not know why they're being forced to stay on top of the ruins you then do find out and it leads to an hour of [[spoiler:vines inside people. And the one girl character trying to cut the vines out of herself]].
** When [[spoiler:The Plant had mimicked the sound of a cell phone ringing, because that meant it knew humans would come to that sound. Knowing that ItCanThink made everything that followed so much worse.]]

* ''Film/TheSkeletonKey''. The ending. [[spoiler:The more kind-hearted Caroline believed she was doing the right thing, the closer she went to her FateWorseThanDeath.]]
* ''Film/SleepawayCamp'':
** When [[spoiler: the little kids in the woods were found hacked to death]].
*** Also [[spoiler: Judy's death scene. She's held down and has a heating iron forced into her vagina. You can actually hear the skin sizzling when it's pressed inside her.]]

* ''Film/{{Suspiria}}''. Pat's Murder. The wire scene.
* ''Film/TetsuoTheIronMan''. Over an hour of some of the worst body horror ever put on film, with effects that are amazing and somehow make a guy essentially covered in junk terrifying. The soundtrack is like shoving rusty pipes in your ears. Also, the mental trauma the characters goes through, whether they are brainwashed or just driven insane only adds to the horror of pieces of machinery sprouting out of your body.
** There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene where a cat is being forcibly wrapped in...''something'' metallic. Its yowls of protest seem way too genuine.
** The American VHS release came packaged with an equally-surreal and disorienting short film called ''Drumstruck'' (which can't seem to be found anywhere else.) Watch it [[https://vimeo.com/7754939 here.]]

* ''Literature/AChristmasCarol'':
** The Marley's Ghost scene is horrifying enough in any film adaptation, but in the 2004 musical, it goes above and beyond the call of duty, with the wandering chained spirits coming out of the walls and joining Marley in the song "Link By Link". [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U_iEjXyPZc View here]].
** In 2009 adaptation, maybe it not the same thing as ''Link By Link'', but it comes right in the second place.
* ''Film/LittleShopOfHorrors''. It's not the plant. It's not Seymour's gradual fall into insanity. You wanna know what it is? The dentist's real demise. Sure, he had it coming with his sadism, and you're setting yourself up for trouble if you insist on getting high from wearing an insanely complicated laughing-gas-pumping mask, but that release dial breaks and then the gas causes him to laugh as he slowly realizes that instead of finishing his routine day, he's gonna die just because a valve broke in his hand.
* ''Music/PinkFloyd: Music/TheWall''. In particular, "[[BodyHorror Comfortably Numb]]". While the song in itself isn't scary, the ending of "Confortably Numb" (when Pink [[BodyHorror gets rid of his own skin]]) probably counts.
* ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'':
** When [[spoiler:Mrs. Lovett meets her KarmicDeath]]. Most of the blood effects are over-the-top, but watching someone being [[spoiler:[[http://es.tinypic.com/r/2lbgs9h/3 burned alive in an oven]]]]...
** Beadle Bamford. When we learn that Judge Turpin raped Benjamin Barker's/Sweeney Todd's wife, and while he raped her the Beadle was looking on with [[NightmareFetishist too much interest]]. Later, he praises Turpin for sentencing a nine-year-old boy to death for stealing a pretty small, insignificant something. Then there's the beating he gave Anthony, and we more than believed Beadle when he said, "Next time, I'll beat out your pretty little brain." Plus, throughout the movie it's implied that he's a pedophile. Who knew a mere [[TheDragon sidekick]] could end up almost more monstrous and terrifying than the BigBad himself?

* ''Film/AfterEarth'': A villainous creature called the Ursa, which was explicitly designed to be a killing machine against humans. It's design plays on audiences' primal fears; it's insect-like, it's huge, you can't predict when it senses you, and it kills any living thing it "sees" indiscriminately. [[FridgeHorror One may wonder if it would also kill its own creators if released in proximity to them.]]

* ''[[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Back to the Future Trilogy]]'':
** In Part I, the scene where Marty almost fades from existence. Seriously, just imagine what it would feel like to see ''your own hand fade away'' and realize that this is the end. And since you're being ''erased from existence'', not killed, that means if there is an afterlife, you're not going to it, because your consciousness and all your memories will be non-existent. The tense music in that scene really does help to sell the horror of it all.
** Biff's alternate 1985 Hill Valley in Part II. A world filled with corruption, crime, and murder where you can basically get away with any horrible crime due to the fact that the police are owned by the ringleader himself.

* ''Film/TheFly1958'' was creepy and psychologically horrible (imagine you were the poor wife), and [[Film/TheFly1986 the 1986 reimagining]] was just plain {{Squick}}tastic BodyHorror descent into madness and horror.

* ''Film/IndependenceDay'': "I know there is much we can learn from each other, if we can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to coexist." "Peace... no peace." "What is it you want us to do?" "Die..."
* ''Film/{{Leviathan 1989}}'': The scene where [[spoiler:the creature (in the form of an arm-sized leech-eel, clamps onto a character's chest and he can't pull it off.]] A combination of sheer revulsion and sympathetic terror.
* ''Film/MarsNeedsMoms'': What happens to the moms? [[spoiler:Brain-draining and subsequent vaporization]]. [[spoiler:Gribble]]'s mom went through it too. After that, there's [[spoiler:Milo's death by asphyxiation]] and [[spoiler:[[TearJerker his mother taking off her helmet to bring him back.]]]]

* ''Film/ShortCircuit 2''. Johnny 5's near-death beatdown; it wasn't as much the fact that the director and writers had the gall to try and kill off the lovable, innocent star of the show in such a brutal manner, nor was it as much how they emphasized that he was being killed by his impassioned, pained cries of agony and his mech fluid splattering on his assaulters like blood, but the fact that, for the better part of ten minutes, we're forced to watch him get up, take his severed arm, limp a good ways to a parked car, steal the battery from it to hook it up to himself as a backup life support system, write out in broken English on a dirty brick wall in an alleyway a plea to his friend to help fix him, and then use a computer to instruct the guy on how to perform the robotic equivalent to trauma center surgery fast enough so he won't die from power loss. In essence, they took your standard, horrific near-fatal movie beating, and instead of merely skipping to the hospital scene, they show you, in every gruesome detail, all of the horrible fight for survival the character had to endure to get to that hospital scene. That isn't just dramatic or sad, that is downright sadistic.

* ''Film/{{Batman}}'' (1989):
** The scenes with Joker wearing skin colored make up in place over his now bleach white skin. Also, the scene where Joker challenges Batman to reveal himself after the Joker himself "took off his make up". Bruce then pauses the video on Joker's sinister grin and then we are treated to a flashback where it is revealed that The Joker as a young Jack Naiper killed his parents. The scene flashes back to Bruce who then turns to the screen in complete shock and the very next scene show is a [[NightmareFuel close up and freeze frame]] picture of Joker's [[SlasherSmile sinister grin]] looking straight at the viewer.
** When the Joker burns a gangster alive by electrocuting him and all that's left is a charred skeleton.
** When the Joker calmly gives a lighthearted speech to the city that ends on the note "Oh, by the way, I've randomly decided that I'm going to kill you all with the grossest-looking gas ever." You see it coming and everything, but the way he played it is creepy beyond reason.
-->'''Joker:''' ''...And now, comes the part... Where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives. But, as my plastic surgeon always said: "If you've gotta go, go with a smile!" [[EvilLaugh Hee hee hee hee ha ha HAAA!!]]''
* ''Film/BatmanReturns'': An ad with horrid face of The Penguin staring back at you. He's supposed to look like UnclePennybags! [[{{Taxi}} Danny DeVito]] in a tux should look like a plump, cuddly penguin. Not that monstrosity!
** Whereas Alicia's suicide leap in the previous movie takes place offscreen, the Ice Princess's Penguin-engineered plunge from a rooftop happens right before our eyes. And it's not enough for her to fall out of camera range, noooo; we go with her as she screams all the way down ''and'' as she lands. And this is a PG-13 - there are '''R-rated''' movies [[Film/DieHard that don't]] [[Film/{{Cliffhanger}} go that far]]!
** The charred corpse of [[spoiler: Max Schreck]].
* The soundtrack to ''Film/BatmanBegins''. [[http://nonsenseprime.tumblr.com/post/10089259855/no-description Artibeus]] gets a special mention for being the song that plays during Batman's attack on the docks.

* ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'':
** A prisoner gets his arms graphically sawed off during the prison riot.
** A fair chunk of the flashback Rorshach tells, particularly when he bites chunks of flesh from the bully's face.
** Doctor Manhattan's origin story, in which he's ripped apart into what is essentially nothing, then slowly reassembles himself. It started off pretty scary with the floating nervous system, but the kicker was when he reassembled himself without skin on accident, screamed bloody murder and disappeared. Third time's a charm though.

* ''Film/TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly''. Angel Eyes Sentenza, especially in his introduction. He offs a guy, after the victim offers all of his money so Angel Eyes won't kill him. Angel Eyes then goes to the man who ordered the hit and kills him too, because once he's paid, he always sees the job through.
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* ''Film/{{Hanna}}'': Marissa brushes her teeth to the point of drawing a lot of blood.

* In ''Film/MenaceIISociety'', the depiction of "the ghetto" is, in several cases, highly disturbing.
** [[VillainProtagonist O-Dog]] himself can be seen as this. Mercilessly kills a man and his wife in a liquor store, it gets worse when steals video tape and use it as a method of humorous entertainment for him.
** Also, the quietly terrifying detective played by Bill Duke.

* ''Film/ReservoirDogs''. When [[PsychoForHire Mr.]] [[AxCrazy Blonde]] is through with his torture, you'll never listen to "Stuck in the Middle With You" quite the same way. And that dance.


* ''Film/ReservoirDogs''. When [[PsychoForHire Mr.]] [[AxCrazy Blonde]] is through with his torture, you'll never listen to "Stuck in the Middle With You" quite the same way. [[DissonantSerenity And that dance.dance]].

* ''Film/AmericanHistoryX'': The brutal curb stomp scene.
* ''Film/BattleRoyale'': [[spoiler: The death of Kazuo Kiriyama]]. He fights with Mimura and friends, [[spoiler: killing them, and Mimura ends the battle by blowing up a massive propane tank bomb]]. The three heroes arrive on the scene after the explosion, and it seems as if everyone died, but then the [[OminousLatinChanting creepy godawful theme music]] starts up again, and he [[UnflinchingWalk walks out]] [[OutOfTheInferno of the fire]], blinded, with TearsOfBlood [[EyeScream running from his eyes.]] His actual death is anticlimactic, but everything leading up to it is straight up Nightmare Fuel.

* ''Film/{{Casino}}''. The scene with the vise.

** The fate of Goebbels' children. Just in case you started to feel sorry for anyone else.


** [[PaterFamilicide The fate of Goebbels' children.children]]. Just in case you started to feel sorry for anyone else.

* ''Film/FullMetalJacket'':
** Gomer Pyle's [[spoiler:suicide. The actual suicide itself is quick, but extremely graphic. Seeing somebody's (squib) brains splattered all over the wall directly behind them will do that.]] Made worse by the CreepyMonotone leading up to it.
-->'''Gomer Pyle''': Seven-six-two millimeter, full...metal...jacket.
** The end, where Joker [[spoiler: marches across what can be only described as a hellscape while many other soldiers marching with him sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme]] and then fade to black, and the opening bars of "Paint It Black."

* ''[[Literature/FreakTheMighty The Mighty]]'': Max's flashbacks; at first you don't really know what's happening, but at the end it's revealed that his father murdered his mother right in front of him and told him he was dreaming. The flashback is his dad going "shhhhhh..."

* ''Film/ThereWillBeBlood'': The ruthlessly foreboding soundtrack and the shockingly gruesome finale.

* ''Film/TheChangeling'' (1980) has two blood-freezing scenes, neither with a single drop of blood in them. In the first, listening to the audio tape recording made of a spirit-writer's attempt to contact the ghost haunting George C. Scott's house, [[spoiler:the murdered boy's voice can be heard desperately whispering ... something that was completely inaudible during the scene in which the tape was made.]] When the hero figures out where the body has been buried, he goes there and finds that a house has been built on the spot with a mother and her little girl living there. The girl asks him [[spoiler:if he's come about "the boy under the floor".]]

* ''Film/EdenLake''. The all too realistic and believable premise of a couple of young adults chased by teenaged hoodies. Especially the gang's leader Brett is a terror incarnate, possibly the most evil form of peer pressure...

* ''Film/{{Eraserhead}}'':
** The introduction. That's not to say that the rest of the movie isn't nightmarish as well, but the simple sight of The Man In The Planet crouched motionless by the window, wrapped in shadows, and then twitching slightly, is probably the single most disconcerting thing in the universe.
** The artificial chickens served for dinner by Mary's parents. "Just cut them up like regular chickens..."
** Scarier still are the mysteries surrounding the special effects. The rumor that the baby puppet is a modified cow fetus seems mostly debunked, but the opposite is true for another facet--it's been confirmed that the umbilical cords used in the film are not only real, but human. A crew member relates [[http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Interview/4749/Eraserheadfaq.htm#9.%20Is%20it%20true%20that%20Lynch%20used%20hospital%20refuse%20for here]] how one landed on another crewman's shoe and he was so {{Squicked}} that they had to cease filming for several days.

* ''Film/ExorcistTheBeginning'':
** A young boy being killed and torn to pieces by hyenas. It takes a few moments, too, not a few seconds.
** The scene in which a native woman gives birth to a dead, rotten maggot-ridden child.
** Another genuinely frightening scene involves an extremely stressed English commander trying to calm his nerves by arranging his butterfly collection, only to find that his latest butterfly has transformed into a dead crow. Slowly, his collection begins fluttering to life and then falls silent. Then [[BodyHorror a newborn butterfly begins forcing its way out of the commander's mouth]].

* ''Film/FromHell'':
** The lobotomy; tied down, she can see it coming and it doesn't even kill her.
** The monologue at the end[[spoiler: Where Jack is going insane as he cuts up the last woman]]. Informative, though.

* ''Film/TheHaunting1963'': That scene with the wallpaper that looks like a face, with the man singing, the woman laughing and the children crying.

* ''Film/HollowMan'': Just the premise itself (a already mentally-unstable scientist takes an Invisibility serum that causes him to [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity lose his sanity completely]]) is also filled with this and ParanoiaFuel. Also a complete {{Squick}}-fest, particularly the invisible rape scene in the neighbor's apartment.

* ''Film/TheHowling 4'' The transformation scene where the woman's husband slowly melts into a puddle of blood, completely conscious at least most of the time, before being reformed as a werewolf.
* ''Film/IAmLegend'' (2007 version). [[TheAloner The protagonist]] copes with his isolation by populating certain locations, like a video rental, with department-store mannequins, which he gives names to and converses with. Will Smith is driving in one scene when he looks out the side window and sees a brief glimpse of one of his human proxies standing in the middle of the road - and in a quick first-person snap cut, the mannequin turns its head to look at you. Then, they start moving on their own:
-->"What the hell are you doing out here, Fred?! What the ''hell'' are you... No. No! NO! What the hell are you doing out here, Fred?! How did you get out here?... Fred, if you're real, you'd better tell me right now! ''If you're real you'd better tell me right now!''"

* ''Film/{{Insidious}}'':
** The smiling family.
** The scene describing the monster's intentions for the first time. At first it seems like a normal introduction to the monster; it talks to the dreaming person, telling her that it (naturally) wants the comatose child's soul. All we see of the creature is its claw pointing at the kid, and then the sequence ends. And, right as she finishes telling her story, it shows up right behind her, screaming at the top of its lungs before running off. Mere words don't do it justice; the scene is pretty horrifying for a JumpScare and can easily catch the audience off-guard.
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* NightmareFuel/{{Targets}}
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** NightmareFuel/CurseOfChucky
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** NightmareFuel/SpiderManHomecoming

* NightmareFuel/SpiderManHomecoming
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** NightmareFuel/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanDeadMenTellNoTales
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