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* The made-for-TV Joe Oriolo FelixTheCat series tends to be considered this by fans of the Silent Era Felix the Cat, mainly for being the most well known and longest supported incarnation of the character, despite many fans considering the TV cartoons inferior to the Silent cartoons due to their [[LighterAndSofter more childish tone and stories]] and [[LimitedAnimation very cheap animation.]] Joe Oriolo's Felix is also a nice, fun loving guy, but compared to how wild and rascally Felix [[AntiHero was portrayed in]] [[MrViceGuy his original cartoons]], the Oriolo Felix comes off as [[VanillaProtagonist very milquetoast protagonist in contrast]], and thus hardly any different than a standard WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse style character (which is ironic, considering Felix is older than Mickey and was a major influence on the original Mickey Mouse cartoons). Making matters worse is that the Oriolo Felix is rarely the one who drives the plots in his own cartoons, [[TheHeavy which are usually instigated]] by The Professor and Rock Bottom instead. It got to the extent that many of the staff on WesternAnimation/TheTwistedTalesOfFelixTheCat openly voiced their displeasure with the Oriolo Felix and pushed for the show to use the more wild tone of the original cartoons and make Felix as rascally as before, and to also abandon the characters and tone of the TV cartoons, which was met with resistance from then-owner of Felix, Don Oriolo (the son of Joe Oriolo), who caved in their demands in the first season, but also [[ExecutiveMeddling forced them to include certain elements from his dad's Felix, such as the Magic Bag of Tricks]]. And then Don forced a retool on the second season of the show to make it more in line with his dad's Felix cartoons, [[CreatorBacklash a move that did]] ''[[CreatorBacklash not]]'' [[CreatorBacklash sit well with the staff]] and prompted a WriterRevolt with episodes like ''Attack of the Robot Rat'' (a mean-spirited parody of the Joe Oriolo Felix formula) and ''Phoney Felix'' (which is a StealthParody of the shows Retool).
** It bears noting that it [[{{Misblamed}} wasn't Joe Oriolo's fault]] that the series got so heavily watered down. For starters, Trans-Lux, his distributor, [[ExecutiveMeddling gave the orders]] that the made-for-TV Felix cartoons were to be aimed exclusively at kids and that [[TheGoodGuysAlwaysWin Felix always had to defeat Professor and Rock Bottom in each episode]], and the kid aimed direction [[OlderThanTheyThink wasn't anything new to the Felix series either]]--the long running comic books had already gone down the kid friendly fantasy driven direction years before Joe Oriolo inherited the series. And In the late 50's and 60's, TV censors and parent groups were ''very'' strict on what kind of content could or couldn't be included in cartoons. The idea of a kids cartoon with grayer morality and starring an AntiHero cat with vices like drinking and womanizing would have been unthinkable at the time.
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* ComicBook/LanaLang has played a minor role in the many adaptations of {{Franchise/Superman}}, including ''Film/SupermanIII'' and ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', but unfortunately she gets [[TheScrappy immense hate]] for her appearance in ''{{Series/Smallville}}'', where she is infamous for 8 seasons of non-stop RomanticPlotTumour.
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* While the ''Film/SuperMarioBros'' movie isn't one for the ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' franchise as a whole, it is one for movies adapted from video games, and a frequent punchline for jokes relating to the often lacking quality/faithfulness thereof. As far as the game series went, it merely inflicted the "Mario Mario and Luigi Mario" idea on some fans, much to the [[FandomBerserkButton chagrin of other fans]] for a while.
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* Because of the TV series noted below, and because of the [[Film/BatmanForever Schumacher]] [[Film/BatmanAndRobin films]], ComicBook/{{Robin}} (Batman's sidekick and partner) is seen as more of a joke than anything outside of comic book audiences, and even TheScrappy among the SeriousBusiness fans, and the idea of him appearing on film again is generally derived (notably, both Creator/ChristianBale and Creator/ChristopherNolan refused to let Robin appear in Film/TheDarkKnightTrilogy, as they both fell into the view that Robin was lame). This, even though in the comics Robin has been modernized as much as the rest of the Batman mythos, and has long since grown out of being just his sidekick as he became leader of the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' and TookALevelInBadass and donned the new identity of Nightwing. For a brief period Dick Grayson even led the Justice League! What's baffling is when some fans will admit that, even though he became cool in the comics and cartoons now, he 'just wouldn't work in film', without really any answer as to ''why'' he wouldn't; there's also some that think he would need to be made really gritty and violent, in order to justify why Batman would train a teen, which ignores [[MoralityPet the point of Robin in the mythos]]. A good reason for this is that any adaptation of the origin stories for three (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Damian Wayne) of the major Robins have to be adoption stories, which puts adapters and the studio in a tricky situation. They want Batman, regardless of tone beyond that, to be relentless $150 million+ tent-pole action (The Dark Knight Rises was $250 million) but, regardless of tone, to introduce a kid, you have to be working with simpler, cheaper, action and shorter time frames than said tent-pole stuff mandates. So they age him up strictly to not have to worry about visible aging, in spite of the fact that the youthful contrast is what Robin is there for, especially in the origin. ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' technically did something that was better on paper (remove the adoption stuff entirely, composite three Robins (Dick, Jason and Tim) together, tying him into cops because Dick Grayson was a cop at one point and that franchise was 60-70% a police corruption drama, even as, in practice, nothing interesting was left), than how ''BatmanForever' handled it, with Batman [[ArtisticLicenseLaw adopting someone of college age with little to no justification.]]
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* The original, Sam Raimi-directed ''Film/SpiderManTrilogy'' films with Tobey Maguire have became so iconic with the character that a good part of the reason for the Mark Webb [[Film/TheAmazingSpiderMan reboot]] being so contentious is for rebooting it. Notably, changes made to make it ''closer'' to the source material are often [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks criticized]] simply for not being like the previous films. In a more direct manner, the depiction of Mary Jane Watson has shaped the [[DamselScrappy general perception of her]], and combined with the way Gwen Stacy [[AdaptationalBadass is depicted in the reboot]], has lead to a significant hamper to MJ's popularity among fans of the franchise who don't read the comics (for reference, MJ is typically a HeroicBystander in the comics, while Gwen was a more traditional DistressedDamsel love interest in the comics).
** Completely averted as of Spider-Man's Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse [[Film/CaptainAmericaCivilWar debut]]. This version of Spider-Man has been widely considered to be the best yet, even with his limited screentime.
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* It seemed that the 2004 adaptation of ''Film/{{Catwoman}}'' starring Creator/HalleBerry would kill any chance for a reasonable adaptation for quite some time... though the character appears in ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'', played by Anne Hathaway. (Notably, this version of Selina Kyle doesn't wear the iconic outfit and [[ComicBookMoviesDontUseCodenames is not even called Catwoman]] -- possibly because of this stigma.)
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* The movie adaptation of ''Film/TankGirl'', which many critics saw as the comic's swansong (and which pissed off the original creator so badly that he didn't write the character again for a decade). Members of its cult following might disagree, though.
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* The 4Kids dub of ''Manga/OnePiece'' has probably kept many anime fans away from the series, since they believe it's a childish series with no serious story to it. It's not ''just'' about a kid made of rubber wanting to become King of the Pirates and having to face bad guys armed with "poison suction cups" or brightly-colored "pop-guns". It also ''hasn't even been owned by 4Kids since early 2007''. However, the ink stain may be lifting. Since Funimation bought the rights, uncut DVD releases have been big sellers on Amazon's anime section; and when the uncut version was added to the revived Toonami block in 2013, it regularly garnered some of the highest ratings of the evening, along with ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' and ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''.
* A lot of entry-level ''Anime/GalaxyAngel'' fans immediately split into two camps. One believes that [[Anime/GalaxyAngel the anime]], for throwing out the plot and turning it into a SitCom with more CharacterExaggeration than previously thought possible, has ruined the serious games. The other believes that [[VideoGame/GalaxyAngel the games]], for ''having'' a far-reaching SpaceOpera plot that mutes the characters to realistic personalities instead of exaggerations, has ruined the funny anime. Both camps invariably grate on the nerves of [[TeamSwitzerland those that have learned to enjoy both.]]
* Perhaps a mild version, but many people only know ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' for its anime adaptation. This causes people to stereotype it as having whole episodes of powering up, pointless {{filler}}, and many an InactionSequence, whereas the manga had none of these. Still, ''Dragon Ball Z'' is a very popular anime, so it's not all bad.
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* Because of Creator/FourKidsEntertainment and their infamous {{macekre}}s, anime dubs are almost always disliked by a subset of anime fans no matter how accurate they are to the original version[[note]]''Anime/CowboyBebop'' would be the agreed-upon exception to this rule[[/note]], thus contributing to the neverending SubbingVersusDubbing wars that have torn anime fandom apart.
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* The 2015 ''[[Film/FantasticFour2015 Fantastic Four]]'' reboot. Where do we start? The 2005 films, while not stellar films by any means, had a bit of NarmCharm to them, more closely resembled the comics, and are seen by some as either SoOkayItsAverage or SoBadItsGood. ''This'' film, by contrast, has been universally despised by fans and critics alike and is widely seen as the absolute '''worst''' film adaptation of the characters to date, ''especially'' with its [[InNameOnly portrayal of Doctor Doom]]. The film is so bad that it has now displaced ''Film/HowardTheDuck'' as the low point for Marvel movies. Now, Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox must either pump out another Fantastic Four film within ten years or risk having the rights to the characters revert back to Creator/{{Marvel}}.

* The animated adaptation of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheKillingJoke'' has been accused by fans of doing immense damage to Batgirl's character. The writers claim that the film's prologue was intended to flesh out Batgirl's character. But to many fans, it destroyed her character as she acts nothing like her animated or comic counterparts. Instead of the strong, intelligent, independent woman she normally is, the film portrays her as an arrogant, reckless, thrill-seeking StalkerWithACrush who pines after Batman, irrationally attacks a man arguing with his girlfriend, and ends up having sex with Batman on the rooftop in the film's most infamous scene. To many, she comes off as completely unlikable and thus, not many felt sorry for her when the Joker cripples her.
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