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''The Spirit Ring'' is a fantasy novel by Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold.

!!This novel contains examples of:

* HopeSpot: At the climax, the evil wizard's attempt to magically disable the LivingStatue results in a NoSell, but this promptly flips back on the heroes, as the wizard's necromantic dabblings had gotten him to the point where his physical demise [[MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning made matters worse]].
* LivingStatue: At the climax, a bronze statue is temporarily inhabited by the spirit of [[spoiler:the dead man who was its model]], in order to lead an army to save the city while molten-hot.
* LovePotion: Averted -- Fiametta tries to create a love ring, but her father explains that the spell only ''reveals'' true love, not compels it, and that magically induced true love is a paradox. The spell does work, just not on who Fiametta intended it for.
* NotBrainwashed: Sorcerers can attach the spirits of the recently deceased to inanimate objects and compel them to do their bidding. The heroine decides to skip the compulsion in favor of asking nicely, leading to an unexpected failure when the bad guy tries to destroy her [[spoiler:animated statue]] by unbinding the animating spirit.
-->'''[[spoiler:Uri]]:''' You cannot release me. I am not bound.
* ShootingSuperman: In the climax. All right, the first vat of burning oil poured on the LivingStatue of molten bronze is an acceptable result of soldiers resorting to training in a stressful situation. However the second and third vat used while said statue is laughing at them...
* VillainousValor: At the climax, the BigBad fights an animated red-hot metal statue with a sword. Even the heroine is awed by his courage.
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