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A ScienceFiction series by American author Creator/KristineKathrynRusch.

The Diving Universe includes three novels: ''Diving into the Wreck'', ''City of Ruins'', and ''Boneyards''; and several additional short stories: ''The Spires of Denon'', ''Becoming One with the Ghosts'', and ''Becalmed''.

!!This series provides examples of:
* AbsentAliens: All known planets are colonized by humans. This was true even in the Fleet's time, 5,000 years before the start of the series.
* AnachronicOrder: Squishy's chapters in ''Boneyards''
* BadDreams: Boss is haunted by them. The most powerful involve her mother's loss to the Room of Lost Souls when she was seven, but others involve members of her crews who have died. Wreck diving is a dangerous business.
* BiTheWay: Squishy
* BlackBox: Stealth tech. Not even the Fleet truly understood it; while they could create working ''anacapa'' from blueprints, they didn't actually understand how or why the ''anacapa'' worked.
* CelibateHeroine: Boss doesn't appear to have much in the way of romantic or sexual urges, possibly because of her dislike of company.
* CloakingDevice: Partial ones are available at the tech level of the current civilizations, but complete cloaking technology was available in the past. TheEmpire is attempting to recreate it at huge expense of money, materiel and personnel, and in the face of heavy losses to experiments gone wrong.
* DerelictGraveyard: The Boneyard in ''Boneyards''
* TheEmpire: The Enterran Empire
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone Calls Her Barkeep]]: The protagonist and main viewpoint character never gives nor uses her given name. She is only known as Boss. She explains this as motivated by not wishing any connection to the father who named her nor the family she detests.
* FasterThanLightTravel
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: The ''Ivoire''
* HyperspaceIsAScaryPlace: Regular FTL is perfectly safe, but then there's Foldspace. The Fleet tried not to enter Foldspace except in the case of an emergency, because not every ship that goes in comes back out -- and even if they do, there's no guarantee that they'll be in the right place or time.
* LostTechnology: Stealth tech. Boss wryly comments that, considering the circumstances, they should start calling it "Found Technology".
* LowCultureHighTech: Any modern human attempting to use the vastly advanced stealth tech of the Fleet precursors falls into this. Not only do they mistake catastrophic malfunctions caused by the ''anacapa'' devices being 5,000 years older than their intended lifespan as a normal function of the technology, but they complete misunderstand what the ''anacapa'' was intended to be used for in the first place.
* {{Nanomachines}}: The Fleet's "nanobits"; now a LostTechnology that no-one even remembers, being mistaken for a strange natural phenomenon whenever they are seen.
* NeverFoundTheBody: Most people killed by stealth tech don't leave behind bodies, which leads many to hold false hope that they are only missing and might someday be rescued.
* OlderIsBetter: The crew of the ''Ivoire'' are shocked that technology 5,000 years in their future is inferior to what the Fleet had.
* ParentalAbandonment: Boss was dumped with relatives by her father after her mother died.
* {{Precursors}}: The Fleet, an armada of Dignity Vessels launched from Earth that traversed known space 5,000 years ago, using their superior technology to do good deeds wherever they went. Derelict Dignity Vessels are the source of the most valuable -- and most dangerous -- technology in the known Universe.
* SelfDestructMechanism: All Sector Bases have them, to prevent the ''anacapa'' from falling into enemy hands.
* SpaceIsAnOcean: Boss and her fellow "divers" are present-day shipwreck divers [[InSpace IN SPACE!]]
* SpaceOpera: of the grittier modern sort, but the expansive universe, far-future setting, available FasterThanLightTravel and general handwaving of technology place it firmly here.
* SpacePirates: Mentioned as existing.
* StandardSciFiFleet: We run into quite a few of these.
* StealthInSpace: Lots of ships have "cloaks" designed to hide them from detection, but none of them really work all that well. Hence the great interest in the LostTechnology "stealth tech", which according to legend could hide Dignity Vessels from any and all forms of detection.
* TimeIsDangerous: Stealth tech creates bubbles of altered time, which are usually fatal to anyone unfortunate enough to stumble into them.
* UsedFuture: Boss's profession and obsession is finding and exploring old wrecked spacecraft, and there are a lot of them about, with a history in excess of 5,000 years of space colonization.
* YearInsideHourOutside: Appears to be a common effect of remaining stealth fields.
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