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* Anytime Jesus speaks to the believers in the Dramatic Audio in Glorious Appearing. ** First, his exchange with Kenny: -->'''Jesus:''' "...and I know you miss your mom and your dad." -->'''Kenny:''' "But that's okay, cause they're with you, right?" -->'''Jesus:''' (chuckles) "Yes. Yes, they are. And you know I loved them, and I'll take good care of them." -->'''Kenny:''' "I know." -->'''Jesus:''' "And you know I love you too, Kenny." -->'''Kenny:''' "I love you too, Jesus." (to Beth-Ann) "He knows my name!" -->'''Beth-Ann:''' "Shh! I'm talking to Jesus!" -->'''Kenny:''' "So am I!" -->'''Priscilla Sebastian:''' "Will you two keep it down? So am I." ** Next, is Rayford. -->'''Rayford:''' "Lord, I...I don't really know how to describe what it felt like when you called my name just now. Thank you. I hope that I am not out of line in admitting that I longed for more..." -->'''Jesus:''' "Rayford." -->'''Rayford:''' "Yes, Lord?" -->'''Jesus:''' "You know My grace. That though I was rich, yet for your sake, I became poor, and that you though My poverty became rich." -->'''Rayford:''' "Yes, Lord, I know that. I know." -->'''Jesus:''' "I have delivered you from the power of darkness and conveyed you into the Kingdom of God's love, in whom you have redemption through My blood, and the forgivenss of sins." -->'''Rayford:''' "I could have worked so much harder to show my gratitude. I..." -->'''Jesus:''' "Rayford, it pleased the Father that in Me all the fullness would dwell, and through Me all things are reconciled to himself, having made peace through the blood of My cross." -->'''Rayford:''' "Oh, Lord, I am so unworthy of that cross." -->'''Jesus:''' "Once. Once, you were alienated and an enemy because of wicked works, yet now I have reconciled you through My death... (Rayford begins sobbing) ...to present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in God's sight." -->'''Rayford:''' "Holy? Blameless? I'm unworthy. Unworthy!" -->'''Jesus:''' "You are justified by faith. Rayford, you are justified."
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