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Heartwarming moments in ''Fanfic/HigherLearning'':
* After drinking a tad too much sake and opening up slightly Asuka says Shinji she is sorry. Shinji gets afraid, thinking she is going to tell she does not love him back. Instead of it she apologizes for not being ready to open up completely yet.
* [[spoiler:Kaoru trying to reassure Asuka after Shinji fell inside Leliel.]]
* Shinji spends a long time [[spoiler:looking for Asuka in Instrumentality without finding her.]] Then he starts to play a song they played in a concert several months ago. Suddenly a violin's music joins to his cello's and he realizes she is there. They spend a long time playing before stopping. They open their eyes and gaze at each other. Shinji sits up and kisses her before telling: "Let's go back".
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