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* David (or Burroughs) gets surprisingly snarky in his narration, for instance early on when describing how he thinks religious GadgeteerGenius Abner Perry will react to being threatened with death.
-->Now that he was about to die I felt positive that I should witness a perfect orgy of prayer...if one may allude with such a simile to so solemn an act.
* He does it again when they're [[MadeASlave chained up with a bunch of other humans]] and Hooja the Sly One starts making "thinly veiled advances" toward [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses Dian the Beautiful.]]
-->Did I say thinly veiled? There is a race of men in New Zealand, or Australia, I have forgotten which, who indicate their preference for the lady of their affections by [[TapOnTheHead banging her over the head with a bludgeon]]. By comparison with this method Hooja's lovemaking might be called thinly veiled.
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