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!!Zeta Gundam: New Translation
* A new scene when Reccoa and Quatro decide to leave Kamille to himself [[spoiler:just after Jerid killed his mother.]]
-->'''Reccoa''': Were you eavesdropping, Kamille?\\
(door opens, Emma Sheen is right outside)\\
'''Kamille:''' I won't tell anyone, I promise.\\
(Emma looks like she only caught the "I won't tell anyone" and gets curious)\\
'''Reccoa:''' Quatro just groped my ass.\\
'''Emma''': ''Oh.'' (knowing look)\\
'''Quatro''': (deadpan) No I didn't.
* Another new scene involves taking the old video and shrinking it until it fits the screens on the new video, in this case, the grisly GhostTown that used to be Colony 30. Emma is shown the Titans' atrocities, in the form of the scene where Kamille found a mummified body whose head drops off once within view.
-->'''Emma''': How did this happen?!\\
'''Reccoa''': [[MathematiciansAnswer The camera just happened to be on the body when the head came off.]]\\
'''Emma''': ''I mean how did the whole colony end up mummified?!''
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