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* In the second chapter, Berah is in the shower when she spots someone outside. Her response is to chase the Peeping Tom out...while instantly assuming it's Kincade. For extra comedy points, he's nearby when she starts angrily yelling his name, and his reaction has a definite "fear of God" element to it, making it look like Berah has good reason to suspect him.
* Just about the entirety of ''Skull Heart'' chapter "Satellite of the Apes". Harrison is assigned to investigate an old Zeon research satellite, under advice from an ancient Zeon stalwart (who actually has to physically stop himself from doing the Sieg Zeon salute a couple of times). What's at the satellite? Newtype monkeys, piloting four-armed Zakus, part of a project started by [[spoiler:Garma]] Zabi after witnessing a monkey playing ''VideoGame/PacMan''. And the monkeys kick Harrison's ass until Tobia uses the Crossbone's cape, yellow spray paint, and oxygen tanks to make a ''giant banana-shaped balloon'' that distracts them long enough for Harrison to shut them down.
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