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27th Sep '15 11:03:40 AM mogo
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* "They made a fucking movie, MACGRUBER!"
* "I'll suck your dick!" The entire scene and the callback later.
** "Just tell me what you want to fuuuuck!"
** [[spoiler: "Okay I don't have any lube but some white out should work" "Put your pants back on!" ]]
* [=MacGruber=] [[spoiler: THROAT RIPPING THE MISSLE.]]
* [=MacGruber=]'s take on WeNeedADistraction: Getting buck naked and sticking celery up his ass. [[spoiler: And Piper being forced to do the same during the climax. ]]
* Mac taking time out of his spying on Cunth just to leave a crap in the top of his toilet. Cunth later brings it up during the climax.
* von Cunth painting a naked old lady when his minons bring him news of [[=MacGruber=]] being alive.
* All of the sex scenes [[spoiler: Which consist of Mac grunting and saying he'll fill his partner up. ]]
** Related to that [=MacGruber=] [[spoiler: Fucking Casey's ghost and the gravedigger walking in on it, only seeing a naked Mac shouting "Fill you up!". ]]
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