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'''Pretty Cure Dance!''' is a fanseries by {{Ojamajo13}} with a dance thematic.

!!This Curefic contains examples of:
*AlphaBitch: Ai Fukui, who softens up around episode 6. Of course, she's still a DeadpanSnarker of sorts, particularly in regards to Antonio's attempts at rapping.
*{{Bifauxnen}}: Mercedes Bukater has some elements.
*CoveredUp: "Can't Stop the Music" by TheVillagePeople, perfomed in a different language and a different style by a different vocalist depending on which Cure is in the spotlight.
*DanceBattler: All the Cures.
*TheGlassesComeOff: Averted with Cure Capoeira and inverted with Cure Lyrical.
*GratuitousItalian: Antonio Fragasso engages in this quite a bit.
*IKnowMaddenKombat: Cure Polka's fighting style, aside from the obvious, incorporates gymnastics.
*TightsWithASkirt: Cure Lyrical wears this.
**TightsUnderShorts: Worn by Cure Capoeira.
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