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* In ''Stormwatch Team Achilles'' #6, Jukko Hämäläinen fights [[ComicBook/TheAuthority The Midnighter]] over a man who can activate latent superpowers in people. It starts when Jukko asks the man if he can deactivate superpowers as well and the Midnighter mocks him over it. In response, Jukko presses the BigRedButton on a remote, instantly turning off the Cybernetics that make the Midnighter superhuman. He proceeds to beat the shit out of him ("You're... using... superpowers..." "No. Just jiu-jutsu. And anatomy. And leverage") before telling him:
-->And just so you know... my "superpower"? The one I used to "beat" you? I'm [[TheEmpath uber-empathic]]. I feel the pain of every living being within a four-mile radius. Including yours. I just felt everything I did to you. So don't you '''ever''' mock me for wanting to be human again.
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