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* His nearly-two-year-long ECW World Television Championship reign is a career highlight.
* At ''ECW One Night Stand'' 2006, he defeated Wrestling/JohnCena to capture the WWE Championship (of course, some of you know it as the famous "if Cena wins we riot" match). This victory is notable for being one of the few times that Mr. Money in the Bank won a world championship in a pre-booked match, rather than running in and cashing it on an already beaten champion.
** The next day, he was awarded the ECW World Heavyweight Championship as well, making him the first ECW Champion since ECW's closure in 2001 - and the only man to hold the WWE Championship and the ECW Championship simultaneously.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R687m5Dtcyw The Van Terminator.]] Every time he busts this out, it's seriously badass.
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