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* From when you first escape from your cell in Castle Wolfenstein to when you first get picked up from the Allies at the Defiled Church, B.J. Blazkowicz can be the World War Two equivalent of Rambo, [[HyperspaceArsenal armed with weapons gained from his foes (barring the Thompson and Sten you get from Kessler and his buddy)]] [[OneManArmy and blasting his way to freedom]]...[[InvertedTrope or,]] [[StealthExpert he can work his way unnoticed by anyone,]] [[HollywoodSilencer quietly popping noggins with silenced weapons]] and [[BackStab dishing out a back poke or two with his knife on the way out.]]
** In fact, quite a few of the missions in the game allow for the potential of stealth, giving the player the ability to silently speed-walk/crawl and look around corners, so it feels pretty rewarding to able to go through a level completely unseen. It also helps that the missions that give the option for stealth [[StartsStealthilyEndsLoudly allow the player to make a mistake and fight their way out anyway,]] [[ThatOneLevel save for the Forest Compound and Dam missions...]] [[note]]To be fair, the Dam and Forest missions required you be real careful about getting caught as setting off the alarms meant that you couldn't enter due to the fact that both areas were the only feasible way in to the next place without blowing the mission.[[/note]]
* While we're still on the topic of the player, let's think about B.J.'s (and by extention, the player's) exploits in general through the course of the whole game. He has:
** [[ColdBloodedTorture Escaped certain death]] from [[BigFancyCastle an old castle-turned-Nazi-fortress]]
** Fought/sneaked to safety through [[TownWithADarkSecret the nearby village]] and its [[CreepyCemetery haunted catacombs and church]]
** Snuck into a missle testing base and [[SelfDestructMechanism disabled it]] just as it was about to launch a [[SyntheticPlague disease-loaded V2 missile]] at London
** Broke into a secret weapon facility in Kugelstadt in order to steal the diagrams for a new experimental Nazi weapon[[note]]The [[MoreDakka "Venom" machine gun,]] which, when you find it, [[LudicrousGibs can tear through enemies like nothing else.]][[/note]] and a plan to create heavily modified [[SuperSoldier Super-Soldaten]] in order to win the war
** Infiltrated [[ElaborateUndergroundBase a top-secret Nazi lab]] and prevented the [[TheDreaded high-ranking]] [[MadScientist scientist]] that was there from unleashing said super soldiers upon the world
** Snuck into another village through a highly-guarded dam in order to assassinate [[BitPartBadguys members of the SS Paranormal Division]] and kill the leader of the Elite Guard in [[BigFancyHouse his own mansion]]
** Ended the plot to resurrect [[RevenantZombie a long-dead warlock]] and use his [[AnimateDead necromatic powers]] to end the war
*** When you look at it, B.J. really went through Hell and back in this game to stop [[ThoseWackyNazis Those Wacky Nazis]] from winning, no matter what their plans are.
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