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* [[GeneralRipper Captain Marcus]] deciding to go down with [[spoiler:the first "Resolute"]], ship's guns blazing all the while and buying time for evacuation. Whatever else can be said about him, the man knew how to FaceDeathWithDignity.
* JT vs Phaeton at the end of Season 1. Despite the fact that Phaeton's e-frame completely outclassed JT's, through determination, superior piloting, and a good plan, he was able to beat Phaeton and cripple him.
* The [[spoiler: ''Resolute II'']] closing to point-blank range and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatDown unloading everything she has]] right into Phaeton's flagship. ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverKill Twice]]''.
* The North American resistance liberates a tank factory, then takes the commandeered tanks to assault Phaeton City. They get intercepted by another company of tanks in Battle Creek, Michigan. What follows is one of the largest tank battles in Televised Sci-Fi, with a freeway cloverleaf intersection adding a third dimension to the battle.
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