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* Beethoven crashing George's dinner meeting with Brad and Brie, who unknown to his owners were plotting to take over George's business. Tying his leash around the table, he ends up dragging the scheming couple away when Brad sends him off to play fetch, with the pair ''still in their chairs''. George is furious, but Alice applauds Beethoven for crashing their dishonest deal.
* Beethoven saving Emily from drowning in the neighbor's pool when her cries for help go unheard by either the babysitter or her two siblings. Sealing the deal is when Alice comes back to pick up the kids and fires the babysitter for her carelessness.
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!!The first film:

* Beethoven scares the bullies harassing Ted, [[ScaredOfWhatsBehindYou who didn't know he was behind him]] and thought they were running from him when he raised his fists.
--> '''Ted:''' And don't come back!
* Ted gets another when he hears gunfire from Dr. Varnick's lab with his Dad already inside fighting the dognappers. The police are nowhere in sight, so he ''drives his parents' car into the lab'', saving his Dad and Beethoven while also sending a flurry of syringes into Dr. Varnick's chest.
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