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High Five: Listen, guys, I did what I could with this page. I fully admit that it is nowhere near as good as it could be. If somebody could apply some Wiki Magic and help spiff it up a bit, please go right ahead. I've only watched a few episodes, so if anyone knows more about it than I do, go on and edit. Thanks.

Mark Lungo: It's a good entry, but I have to say that like the Loonatics Unleashed page, it has a little too much Complaining About Shows You Don't Like for my taste. Additionally, I would have chosen a pic of the triplets (probably the one from the Episode Title Card) over the series logo. Also:

"...generally known as the worst Sonic cartoon."

At the risk of starting a Flame War, worse than Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? Oh well, I guess Your Mileage May Vary.

Finally: Whatever you think of the songs (I didn't care for most of them myself), you've got to admit that the producers did a good job of finding a singer who could match Jaleel White's speaking voice.

High Five: I myself don't personally hate the show, but if you feel like changing it, go ahead. It does have a tinge of complaining, I'll admit. It's just, that's what the fandom says. And I just wanted a page up for this cartoon, so it might have a bit of bias on it, because I don't know too much on it. However, the show's got a pretty stable entry on the So Bad, It's Horrible page, so I just went by that.

Mark Lungo: Understood, although generally the more you know about a show before you write its entry, the better. Also, I do appreciate the partial rewrite. Anyway, I personally think that while Sonic Underground (like Loonatics Unleashed) is a mediocre and disappointing series, it's not as terrible as some fans make it out to be. The reason both series outrage so many people is because they take liberties with beloved characters in a way that many fans don't appreciate. If either show featured new characters, I think the reaction to them would be a little more favorable, or at least less vitriolic.

High Five: Glad you're okay with it. As I've said before, if you want to edit the entry so that it seems a little less negative, go ahead.

Oh, and yeah, I hear people saying that Ao St H is terrible all the time. You kind of work up an immunity to it, and enjoy the Guilty Pleasure on your own.

Komodin: Well, I think I can safely say that Ao St H is one of the best Sonic cartoons made so far (well, other then the S:Not W short), IMO.

Dookie: I watched Sonic Underground as a child and I would not say it's a bad kid show, it's just a Cliché Storm.