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  • Ganondorfdude11: Removed Bi the Way. The incident in question, when DOOFUS forces Quark and Robotnik to kiss and Robotnik smiles daintily afterward is more of a Ho Yay moment, which this show has a lot of, Played for Laughs. It doesn't warrant a separate trope. If we're going to use this one-off joke as a reason to "out" Robotnik as bi, then we might as well do the same for Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny.

High Five: That's okay.

Rebochan: So...pumpkin hand. What trope does that fall under? This page needs more pumpkin hand.

High Five: It's like a sort of literal Ass Pull, I'm thinking. I wish I could find a picture, but the screenshot website I visit couldn't capture the whole thing. I found the "Scratch turns his hand into a woman" shot, though.

High Five: Hooray! This page finally has an image!