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Ununnilium: Pulled out and tweaked the entry in response to it, because it seemed like it was more conversational than we like to go for:
  • Nice try, but Kojima sez that the triplets were genetically identical. No tweaking.
    • But he does say a lot of things.
      • And come to think of it, that wouldn't have any impact on the experiment either -- it's still a demonstration of how memes can outperform genes.
      • I like this theory and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
    • Also, MGS 4 dealt with this issue. The three aren't genetically identical, which is why Solid wasn't killed by FOXDIE, while Liquid was. Also, Solidus is confirmed to be the ultimate, 'true' copy of Big Boss.

Similarly for "I'm going to ignore the nudity, the Codec babble, Fortune's magic powers, Snake's instant shave and dye job, That Goddamn Arm and all the other loony stuff that happened in that ending because if you're reading this you probably know it all."

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  • Then how was Snake able to recognise Liquid in MGS2, both when taking over RAY and when diving off Arsenal at the end?
    • Because he knows about Ocelot's psychotic Liquid delusion.
    • So why does Snake refer to him as Liquid instead of Ocelot? And Snake was confused for Liquid by Meryl and I figure she'd be able to tell if Snake was a 60+ year old man or not.

Mister Six: What's wrong with conversational?

Mega Troop X: Added potential trope title "Richard Dawkins Was Right" to the mention of memes. Could be a subtrope of Believe In Yourself. Meme theory and evolutionary biology were his main areas of study before he was heavily into speaking out against the ascendancy of religious rule.