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Looney Toons: A tad more detail would be useful. And please check out the Program Entry Template for an idea about how to structure a page.

Looney Toons: (11 months later) Well, that's a start, but it still needs a little more.

P2: English not my first language, so it will need to be edit - wiki's a combination of art, after all.

Looney Toons: That wasn't aimed at you specifically, but at the troper community in general.

RJ TAYLER: Page needs a title picture too. 21/5/09 Page now got a picture- thanks!

DKN 117: How old is everyone? How tall are they? No-one in the Internet seems to know. Any guesses?

TSEM: Could someone restore the image linked to at Berserk Button? Image Shack has deleted the original.