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Kosh_Naranek: Is NeedsMoreLove still relevant, given that Ubisoft just announced Beyond Good and Evil 2?

Jove Hack: The latest on the sequel is that it's been pushed back. I'd say keep Needs More Love until the sequel has actually been released.

Torri: In 'continuing is painful' it's said that there are limited healing items but I didn't find any limit of the amount of food I could buy from the open air shop in the pedestrian district, I gathered up money and ended up buying 10-15 k-bups in preparation after hearing the end boss was very challenging. I didn't find any limit in that shop.

Jove Hack: Good point, Torri. I may have put that misinformation there to begin with, so I cleaned it up. Poster Race on GameFAQs found a way to get unlimited hovercraft boost as well. Use the Beluga to destroy the wooden boxes floating in the ocean near Looter Cavern #4 and the lighthouse. That gives hovercraft boosts instead of the materia crystals. There's no limit on money. Materia crystals can be obtained by using the hovercraft with Race's method above.

Jove Hack: Jammed "The PC version of the game was even packaged free with a certain brand of cheese in Canada in early February, 2009." into the main article. Too weird not to include.

Jove Hack: The game has a few game killing bugs. So keep multiple saves on hand. There are some patches for the PC version. There are also problems with modern PC hardware. See: PC Patches, Problems and Solutions