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02:51:26 AM Aug 19th 2012
edited by Nimitz3d
I said : "In an early version of the scenario, Jade had a brother, and the model is still in the game, it's Nino from the iris network. If you want to add the info." But i saw that it was in the trivia part finally. Sorry ! You can delete this topic.
12:41:04 AM Mar 1st 2012
edited by nirt
Could you consider Kheck and the Dom Z Priest's plan to lure the Hyllians to the moon and trap them in the forcefield as a Xanatos Gambit? Because whether or not they would have captured Jade on Hyllis, they would win in a way.

Jade travels up to the moon and broadcasts the thruth => the Hyllians follow, and get trapped

Jade gets captured => the Dom Z have regained their power source
12:31:23 PM Oct 11th 2011
edited by MikeRosoft
  • Idiot Ball - Towards the end of the factory, one of the Alpha Sections offers to take out Jade to the DomZ priest when he notices her. The priest instead (apparently) kills him, then makes a boss for Jade to fight. The boss is actually quite easy and an Alpha Section would have been much, much harder to face.
"Complaining about video game bosses you don't like", anyone? (You never really fight an Alpha Section without an air tank. You either sneak past them, or [occassionally] eliminate them by sending them towards an electric barrier on a moving platform. On the other hand, if you were supposed to fight them, it would have been naturally possible to defeat them, and a single soldier wouldn't have made much of a boss, don't you think so? As compared with a "Metal Gear DomZ".)

  • Re: Poirot Speak: Possibly he [Secundo] was supposed to speak Esperanto - the language intended to be the European common language instead of English. It failed, but was more popular around the time the game was made. It included elements from each of the common European languages.
Speculation not supported by anything; more likely it's based on a Rule of Cool/Funny.
08:37:37 AM Aug 6th 2011
Have all these things about Shauni being the "queen" of the Dom Z and Jade being actually a Dom Z/not being human officialy confirmed anywhere? Because if they aren't we might have to do a bit of cleanup in the main page, or at least point out it may be just speculation. I'm talking specially about the "Enemy Within" entry.
10:22:14 PM Oct 11th 2011
In the endgame, the DomZ priest tells Jade (just before she fights him):
... You are not who you think you are. The pig has hidden you origins from you. You are the source of my powers, the instrument of my strength. They took you away in the hope of destroying me. But I have survived, feeding me with only the most miserable of the sacrifices. They made you human. But you are not like them. You are mine, Shauni, and I am going to kill the human part of you.
Make out of it whatever you want.
09:22:03 PM Jun 4th 2011
Is there any particular reason that the tropes have either a - or a : in it and not the more common : alone? And would there be objections if I changed all of them to : ?
03:15:16 PM Jun 5th 2011
No, go ahead.
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