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Semi-Known Troper: Funny, but this should probably be changed to give the gamess own tropes. I though this was a joke until I looked it up.

Philweasel: Yes, it was amusingly appropriate... but not intentional, I just used the Harry Potter trope as a template while I built the page, before being hit by annoyingly timed computer problems. A thank you to Corahs Uncle and Semi-known for fixing the alphabetical order and format errors *Kicks lousy computer*

The Defenestrator: I'm starting to think I should get a PS2.

Jefepato: Ho Yay is definitely present, but the ambiguity as to whether the relationship between Lillet and Amoretta is Schoolgirl Lesbians, a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship, or just Heterosexual Life-Partners is set up almost perfectly. I think it's a mistake to claim that any of the three is canon.

Nornagest: I'd agree up to a point, but it seems to me that the epilogue removes some of the ambiguity. It's at least a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship and probably more.

Someone is contesting Lillet's Magnificent Bastardry. Let us discuss this.

Wascally Wabbit: She pulls a good trick to beat the two villians, but Magnificent Bastard means more, or at least is supposed to mean more than 'this character executed a clever plan, once'. Lillet ain't that magnificent and is in no way a bastard.