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Useful Notes On Islam launched as Islam Discussion: From YKTTW

Silent Hunter: I'm a Christian, but I studied Islam a bit at school, so I've added some stuff. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. I hope you don't mind.

Semi-Known Troper:The line: There's also a rare strain called Wahabism, which is Al-Qaeda's doctrine, and Sufis. is unclear. Do you mean that both Al-Qaeda and Sufis are Wahabites, or that Sufis are a fourth group separate from the other three?

Silent Hunter: They're separate.

Generic Troper: edited for accuracy. Fully expect the edits to be unmade as they mention uncomfortable things about Islam. Rolls eyes, shakes head, keeps going.

Vulpy: As someone from the Christian-dominated upper-American South, I would like to pass along my gratitude to the tropers here for trying to further understanding globally about what remains one of the most misunderstood ways of life in my part of the world. This is what the internet was supposed to be used for. (But "Mr. T Versus..." websites were pretty funny.) Now, off to read Useful Notes On India. ;)

Noaqiyeum: All right, who unleashed discussion in the main page? Removing the endnote about Allahu Akbar and moving the explanation elsewhere.
  • I wanted to add something about Inshallah as well, which I've seen a few times, but realized I wasn't sure how to spell it or exactly what it means - something like "God's will be done," I think?
    • Transliterated it's basically "God willing". "God's will be done" is also a good meaning. I'm not entirely sure of the proper spelling, though...

Kilyle: I'm still impressed at the level of detail here and the overall respect with which it has been carried out - respect enough to lay out both sides in the cases where it's applicable. Good job, guys!